Garrett Gleim, Tau ’01, joins Foundation Board of Directors

Garrett Gleim, Tau ’01, joins Foundation Board of Directors

by Esme Lytle Xi’ ’21

Garrett Gleim, Tau ’01 (University of Pennsylvania), is the Vice President of Gleim Publications Inc., a family-run business based in North Florida that provides accounting and aviation exam preparation materials to students. In the 1970s, Garrett’s father, Dr. Irvin Gleim, founded Gleim Publications with the belief that becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) should be attainable for everyone, not just those with financial means. Forty-Five years later, Garrett’s sister manages sales and marketing, his brother streamlines the IT department, and Garrett, as a CPA and flight instructor, is responsible for the content.

Garrett in front of the fabric plane he learned how to fly in the Spring of 1997.  It’s a Piper Super Cub (PA-18) parked at Gleim Field located in Gainesville, FL

Garrett began his Tau experience in a pledge class of three, but ended up being the only fall pledge in ’99. He remarks with a grin that it was perhaps the “tightest pledge class ever.” During the next two years as an undergraduate brother, he established supportive and close friendships that remain strong to this day. He remains in almost daily contact with two of his Tau brothers, Nick Braden (Tau ’01) and Nimeet Dodhia (Tau ’01), who reside in New Orleans and Nairobi, Kenya, respectively.

Garrett with Nimeet Dodhia (Tau ’01) who resides in Nairobi, Kenya, Nicholas Braden (Tau ’01), and Anthony Cambeiro (Tau ’01).  

During his time at the University of Pennsylvania, whether at social events or in academic settings, Gleim frequently bumped into brothers who were always keen to lend a helping hand. Gleim comments, “Psi U accepts you for who you are.” During a time of social unease, as college can often be the first time leaving the nest, the brotherhood support network acts a safety net against instability. Garrett reminisces that he was once bedridden by the flu and brothers brought him food every day for two weeks to ensure his well-being.

August 2019 when Garrett, Nick, Nimeet, and Nimeet’s wife Sharin enjoyed dinner at Galatoire’s in New Orleans

Gleim observed that the Psi U house was one of the most diverse houses on UPenn’s campus, with brothers coming from all over the United States, as well as abroad. This diversity proved to be beneficial when Garrett collaborated with his brothers on how to plan and run social events. Proudly, Garrett describes the Castle in the early hours of the morning as “bubbling with energy and excitement.”

The teamwork that Garrett practiced with his undergraduate brothers paved the way for the impressive business accomplishments he has achieved with his brother and sister. Working with your family is not always easy, but through delegation and collaboration, Garrett has continued to succeed in each new mission he sets his mind to.  In fact, he has received patents on his ideas on how to improve online learning.  He also cofounded a startup utilizing these patents and hopes that within a few years many Psi U brothers will be using this innovative technology in their online university classes.

Gleim feels an obligation to volunteer for, and contribute to, something he loves: Psi U. Garrett is also a member of Delta Sigma Pi, and his experience in working with multiple chapters within this professional business fraternity excites him to join the international Psi U organization and come head to head with a range of perspectives. 


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