2020 Perfect Pair – Special Recognition Opportunity

2020 Perfect Pair-Special Recognition Opportunity – Available while in stock through December 18th (Sunday). A new limited opportunity to recognize donors and to spread holiday spirit and kick off the new year right – special custom knit Psi U socks! We will recognize you and a recipient of your choice with the perfect pair of socks for a $60 minimum donation to the Psi Upsilon Foundation!

Do you want to send more? Increase your donation by $20 dollars for each additional recipient you would like us to recognize on your behalf. If you would like to send more than 3 people socks, but less than 10 – please contact jonathan@psiu.org with information about each recipient to make sure your wishes are correctly recorded.*Socks are “one-size-fits-most” (men’s 6-12 and ladies 7-13.)

One thing this year has taught everyone is the value of shared experience, something we as brothers of Psi Upsilon are well familiar with; thank you for all you do.

“Of the $60 donation, $23 will be a tax deductible donation to The Psi Upsilon Foundation (a 501c3).”