March Challenge Overview

Our annual March Challenge starts Thursday, March 24th and runs until Monday, March 28th. During this tradition chapters compete against one another for bragging rights and the chapter with the most donors to the Annual Fund will be crowned the champion! In addition, generous donors have stepped up to match gifts, so your donations will have double the impact during the challenge!

In 2021 we were able to raise just over $43,000 for the Annual Fund and the Omicron Chapter at Illinois was victorious with 32 donors. 190 brothers participated.
This year our goal is to raise over $50,000 and have every active chapter participate!

Thank you to the following donors who are matching gifts during the March Challenge, ensuring every gift makes twice its impact!

If you would like to make a matching gift please contact Director of Administration Bethann Taylor at or 317-571-1833 x 102

How to Participate

• Make a gift to the Psi Upsilon Annual Fund using our March Challenge link starting March 24th
• Share and encourage your chapter brothers to participate in the March Challenge via social media, text, or email: “Get in the Game and join the 2022 Psi Upsilon March Challenge! Make your donation and track who is winning
• See a brother you recognize who made a gift? Send them a public “Thank You” on social media!
• Follow our social media accounts and like the posts (this boosts our reach!)
• Change your social media picture to showcase you in your Psi U gear.


Psi Upsilon Needs Your Support

The March Challenge specifically goes to support the growth and expansion efforts of Psi Upsilon fraternity. In 2021 over 190 donors helped us raise over $40,000. With that additional funding Psi Upsilon was able to do a number of things to support the growth, and recovery, of the fraternity, including:

We had 254 members join Psi Upsilon in the Fall of 2021 – for context we had 119 in the Fall of 2020 and 231 in the Fall of 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic. Make no mistake – the gifts from alumni like you helped make this happen.

But the revitalization of Psi Upsilon is still ongoing and your support may be more important now than ever. We’ve been able to weather the storm that is the coronavirus pandemic, but we know that is not enough and need to further adapt and revitalize our chapters that have struggled without decreasing other programming. We have learned a lot from having to coach our chapters remotely, and want to keep those best practices, while also getting back to in person visits and increased educational programming.