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In addition this page,, will be updated daily with chapter matches and other details.

March Challenge Overview
Annual giving is one of the most important areas in an organization’s fundraising efforts. This March 15 – 22, join us by  getting in on the March Challenge! The March Challenge pits chapter against chapter in friendly competition to see who can garner the most donors…the most Fans in the Stands if you like.

The March Challenge will have daily and final metrics to keep the competition moving.

From March 15-22 we’ll be providing updates on:

• What chapter has the most donors overall

• What chapter has given the most overall that specific day (to help differentiate)

• Which chapters are the top 5 each day

• All 1833 club members (undergraduates only), and all recurring gift donors will be recognized daily

At the end of the Challenge the Chapter with the most donors will receive the trophy and be judged winner for the 2020 March Challenge!

How to Participate


• Donate on behalf of your chapter here: after March 15 and before midnight March 22.

• Post pictures of yourself online in your Psi U sportswear with this message:
“Participation Counts! Join me tracking the Psi U March Challenge! @PsiUpsilon

• Watch as chapters battle it out for most donors and comment on the facebook event. (A little chatter on the court always helps!)

• Thank your brothers! See someone you know? Drop them a quick note to thank them for supporting shared PsiU values!

Matching Sponsors
We are currently looking for Matching Sponsors from every chapter to help entice more brothers to give in the later days of the event.
Please contact or to be a matching sponsor.

We are currently looking for brothers who are active on social media / passionate to help publicize the event to their connections online. We have special graphics and tools that can help you.