Scholarship information and applications
New Applications for 2022-23 Foundation Scholarships are now Closed.
If you have an incomplete application in progress, please contact Director of Administration Bethann Taylor,, with questions .

2022-’23 Merit Scholarship
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2022-’23 Need Based Scholarship
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2022-’23 Graduate Merit Scholarship Program
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The 2022-’23 application process closed February 15, 2022

Meet our 2020-2021 Graduate Student Scholarship Recipients

The Psi Upsilon Scholarship Program

We all value education and academic achievement yet we also know that education can be expensive. The Psi Upsilon Foundations’ scholarship program was established to help brothers pursue their education and showcase the the high achievement of our brothers. Each year, the Foundation offers merit- and need-based scholarships to brothers and graduates or any chapter or owl club.

Scholarship amounts vary each year depending on the investment returns, and as a 501(c)3 organization the Foundation can only fund endeavors considered charitable or educational. Therefore, no scholarships should be used for collegiate member dues or fees.

Whether you’re an engineering student or a theater major, pre-med or pre-law, if you need financial help to complete your degree, the annual scholarship program offers the support many brothers need.

These scholarships are made possible by our generous alumni donors. Announcements of recipients is made in May of each year and presented at convention and at the annual Awards event in the fall.

Named Scholarships:

Named Graduate Scholarship Awards

Lewis Finkelstein, Omicron ’83 – preference to Graduate Studies – unrestricted

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Named Scholarship Awards

J. Russell McShane, Delta ’32 Award – preference to a Delta undergraduate

Francis C. Hardie, Omicron-Zeta ’18 Awards (2) – unrestricted

Robert W. Parsons, Xi ’22 Award – unrestricted

Gardner A. Callanen, Psi ’29 Award – preference to a Psi undergraduate

Earl D. Babst, Iota-Phi ’93 Awards (2) – unrestricted

Albert C. Jacobs, Phi ’21 Award – unrestricted

R. DeWitt Wallace, Epsilon ’14 Award – unrestricted

Robert W. Morey, Pi ’20 Award – unrestricted

Benjamin T. Burton, Chi ’21 Awards (2) – unrestricted

Jerome W. Brush, Jr., Delta Delta ’39 Award – unrestricted

Gregg E. Rohlin, Phi ’83 Award – to a Phi undergraduate

R. Timothy Leedy, Phi ’57 Award – unrestricted

Curtis J. Rettke, Eta ’84 Award – preference to an Eta undergraduate

William P. King, Omicron ’73 Award – preference to an Omicron undergraduate

Salvatore L. Biardo, Omicron ’04 Award – to an Omicron undergraduate

Paul D. Friday, Theta Theta ’26 Award – unrestricted

Michael D. Oberg, Theta Theta ’88 Award – preference to a Theta Theta undergraduate

Eric W. Didul, Phi Beta ’90 Award – preference to a Phi Beta undergraduate

Delta Delta of Williams College Award(s) – to one or more sons or daughters of Delta Delta alumni attending Williams College

Henry B. Poor, Gamma ’39 Award – unrestricted

Jonathan E. Persky, Omega ’85 Award – preference to an Omega undergraduate

All awards use the same application process.  Use the links above to apply for a merit based ($1,000) or need based (>$1,000) grant.

For additional information or questions concerning the application or the application process, contact The Psi Upsilon Foundation