1.19.2021 – Dignity U

This session is part of our Archons’ Academy Followup series

Mike Dilbeck – Leading Expert in Courage and Dignity

“Dignity U” – Tuesday, January 19th 7 until 8:30 PM Eastern

The primary objective of DignityU is to identify and distinguish the essential elements of dignity, as distinguished by Dr. Donna Hicks, internationally renowned authority on dignity and expert consultant to DignityU. There is also a call to look in to how dignity impacts a person’s own thoughts and actions, in both their lives and in their respective organizations. More importantly, a key component will be to demonstrate ways to intervene against the personal violations of someone’s dignity, while recognizing the difference made by respecting the dignity in others.

This session is different than our other sessions of Archons Academy and you must register in advance here.

After this Keynote every chapter officer and adviser will be given resources to allow this workshop to be shared by the chapter.

Required Attendees: 2nd Angelos (External Vice President), New Member Educators, Social Chairman, and Risk Manager