Chapter Advisor Training Program

In 2021 Psi Upsilon started a new online Chapter Advisor Training Program, designed for individuals of all ages and experiences who advise chapters, the Chapter Advisor Training program provides the education and training that chapter advisors need to be successful, confident and prepared in their task of advising today’s college students. If you would like to take part in this program please download this PDF for registration instructions below. If you have already created an account you can access it here.

Chapter Advisor Training Program Features:

  • Includes high definition video, animations, interactions, branched learning and practice examples
  • Segmented into six modules to accommodate attention spans and time (20-40 minutes/module)
  • Bookmarks progress for return trips
  • Additional resources for further education and learning (e.g. chapter retreat outline)
  • Works on both Apple and Android mobile devices, as well as Apple, PC and Chromebook computers
  • Includes closed captioning
  • Hosted on Plaid’s nationally recognized Learning Management System or another compatible LMS

The six courses include:

  • The Role of the Advisor – The chapter advisor’s role, responsibilities and expectations for working with student organizations.
  • The Interfraternal Experience – The history of the interfraternal experience, tactics for advising Generation Z, and methods for tackling specific advisor, chapter and student obstacles. 
  • Mentoring College Students – The skills and tactics to mentor undergraduates today, and how to confront conflict, address accountability, and co-create SMART goals.
  • Interfraternal Relationships – The local, regional, and national relationships that exist in the interfraternal community, and the support systems in place for an advisor. 
  • Hazing Identification and Prevention  – Identifying and addressing a hazing culture. 
  • Eradicating Harmful Tradition – Understanding motivations and needs of individuals or a chapter, to move towards creating a healthy chapter culture. 

In addition to the above courses, you will also receive access to the following:

Recruitment Classrooms for Advisors – A comprehensive digital classroom to prepare Fraternity/Sorority Advisors in advising, coaching, and organizational growth principles. Content will cover: The modern fraternity / sorority experience; How to position yourself as a coach; The art of Social Excellence™ and how to connect with members; Your role in membership accountability; How to use storytelling to be a better advisor; How to grow fraternity/sorority chapters; How to help retain and engage members.

Tightrope Refresher Course – Tightrope offers an online risk management program that provides practical education for undergraduate students on the topics of alcohol and other drug use, hazing, and sexual misconduct. Designed as online modules, students navigate through the interactive courses to gain better knowledge and perspective about managing their risk to gain better knowledge and perspective about the hazards they may encounter during college and how to make smarter, safer decisions. This series provides the education, skills, and tools necessary for students to successfully navigate the tightrope between a risky situation and an enlightening college experience.

Inclusive Practices – Inclusive Practices is an online course that focuses on concepts of social justice, privilege, oppression and equality by: learning how to practice inclusion of others on your college campus and in your community; understanding how to participate in the Oppression Action Continuum as an ally; tips to engage in challenging conversations around social justice; the intent and the impact of communication within relationships.

Additional Resources

Our Constitution and Policies can be found here.

Review our Officer Resources, including Handbooks, the Commitment to Excellence Goal Setting Retreat, and the College Tablet.

Join our online Mentoring Program and LinkedIN Psi Upsilon Professional Network.

If you aren’t currently engaged with a chapter, but would like the opportunity to advise one please go here!

Feel free to join any of our events, including a monthly Town Hall for Advisors and Alumni Presidents.