Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the components of the Social Impact Fellowship?

•Skills Development Stipend – Identify and engage with a professional development opportunity using the stipend money budgeted. Fellows can use this money for a conference, class, coach, or other resource for individual development as a professional.

•Round Table Discussions – To bond the cohort together and learn from each other, we will convene virtual round-table discussions during the year. The topics will be tailored to, and format designed for, the interests of the group and industry leaders invited as guests to moderate the discussion.

•Executive Coaching – Fellows have the opportunity to work individually and in a group setting over a 4 month period with renowned leadership coach Lance Miller, Epsilon Nu ’80.

•Chapter Discussion – Fellows will speak via Zoom to their chapter undergraduate brothers (and interested alumni) sharing their journey and career trajectory. This offer a chance to encourage service and cause with younger brothers.

May I apply if I am volunteering at an organization?

Yes. Volunteers in long-term roles such as board members or titled roles are encouraged to apply. If the role may be short term, (such as for a specific project), please just specify that in the description of work. 

Does service within Psi Upsilon count?

Absolutely! Members of Chapter Corporations, Alumni advisors, and members of the international organization may apply to develop skills that will make them more effective leaders of the chapter. If you would like to discover qualified opportunities, reach out to Director of Member Engagement, Jonathan Chaffin, Gamma Tau ‘00 to learn more. 

I don’t know how I might spend the funds, should I not apply?

We encourage you to speak with our Director of Member Engagement, Jonathan Chaffin, Gamma Tau ‘00, who will assist you in identifying a good fellowship fit to meet your needs. We recommend starting the application and then updating it with the information as best as you can before the deadline. Funds must be spent within the year long fellowship cycle.

I was nominated by someone, what do I have to do?

Congratulations on being identified as a fit for the Fellowship! Nominees for the general Fellowship (featuring grant funding) are asked to fill out the application to confirm their interest in the program. Honorary Fellowship nominees need only provide their resume and a personal statement. 

May I apply more than once?

Please only apply once per annual cycle. We do encourage reapplying if you did not receive a fellowship the year before. You may apply as many years as you wish for the fellowship. Understand that past selection does not provide an advantage for future candidacy. It is advised to apply for a different purpose. 

I am between roles currently, does that disqualify me?

You to welcome apply even if you are not currently affiliated with an organization. Perhaps you can submit as part of an organization you volunteer with, or just put the last role you were in and explain where you hope to go next. 

When do the funds have to be spent?

Funding is available for one year up to the end of September. If the program spans over into other years, the payments will be made at the end of the current program year. 

Will the Committee award funds under the amount requested?

The committee may offer fellowship funding of any amount up to the stipulated amount to support the awardee’s professional development opportunity. We view the fellowship funding as only part of the honor of this Fellowship and wish to make the available funds stretch as far as possible for the selected cohort

What do I have to do as a Fellow?

Fellows and Honorary Fellows are requested to attend the annual Social Impact Retreat and Reception in Bethesda, MD in March. They may be asked to speak at the event or another function either in person or virtually. Additionally, awardees will be interviewed and highlighted in Foundation publications. On occasion, we may ask members of the cohort to speak to other brothers who are interested in the industry. 

Fellows who accept funding for professional development are asked to submit receipts of the expenses that were approved by the committee and a brief summary of the experience when complete.

May I apply as an undergraduate?

You may apply as an undergraduate member if the fellowship will be related to a role and opportunity beyond the programs found within Psi Upsilon’s offerings 

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