Annual, quarterly or even monthly payments.

Credit Cards

Take advantage of reward points on your credit card when you make your gift to Psi Upsilon. VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are all accepted by Psi Upsilon. Google Checkout is also available.


Gifts of appreciated stock can be transferred electronically. Donors receive a tax deduction for the market value of the stock at the the time the gift is made with no capital gains tax to worry about


If your are age 70 1/2 or older, mandatory distributions from your IRA can be gifted to The Psi Upsilon Foundation.


Making a provision for Psi Upsilon in your will is a simple process and can be done at the time of creation or as an addition to an existing will.

Planned Gifts

A variety of trust and other estate planning devices exist which provide you with several tax benefits, as well as opportunities to receive investment income for the remainder of your life.

Matching Gifts

Many corporations provide charitable matching gift programs for their employees. This is an easy way to double or triple the impact of your annual gift. The Psi Upsilon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) educational foundation and is eligible for many corporate giving programs.

Other Assets

As provided for by the Foundation’s gift acceptance policy. Contact Bethann Taylor for more information.