The Psi Upsilon Foundation debuted the Pillar recognition society in January 2021 to recognize and honor those lifetime giving from our brothers. This society includes individuals who have attained a lifetime giving history of $25,000 and more. We honor those brothers in this special way for their extraordinary financial commitment to supporting
Psi Upsilon. The Pillar Society will be updated on an annual basis and new certificates sent based on a new level achieved. 

In recognition of their lifelong commitment to the values and programs of The Psi Upsilon Foundation, the Board of Directors of the Foundation wish to honor and thank
the 2021 Pillar Society inductees

Devising this creative nomenclature was a process not taken lightly by the board of directors. The construct and naming of the society derives from the iconic pillars of Greek times. They are masterpieces of both aesthetics and engineering, integral to buildings still standing centuries after being erected. They are at the heart of the structures they hold up, just as you and your dedication hold up Psi Upsilon. 

Cornice Level
($100,000+ Lifetime Giving)

• J. Martin Brayboy, Gamma ’84 (Amherst)

• David A. B. Brown, Epsilon Phi ’66 (McGill)

• Samuel J. Tinaglia, Omega ’88 (Chicago)

Capital Level
($50,000+ Lifetime Giving)

• William G. Cavanagh, Esq. Pi ’72 (Syracuse)

• Jessica A. Frame, Gamma Tau ’07 (Georgia Tech)

• Patrick J. Gilrane, Psi ’83 (Hamilton)

• Harold C. Ochsner, Jr., Xi ’57 (Wesleyan)

• Robert S. Petersen, Jr., Omicron ’68 (Illinois)

• Thomas M. Poor, Gamma ’65 (Amherst)

• Jesse J. Scherer, Gamma Tau ’05 (Georgia Tech)

• Alexander C. Senchak, Eta ’06 (Lehigh)

• John A. Thaler, Omega ’97 (Chicago)

• Charles A. Werner, CPA, Omega ’55 (Chicago)

• Mark A. Williams, CFRE, Phi ’76 (Michigan)

• Jack Withiam, Jr., Psi ’71(Hamilton)

Column Level
($25,000+ Lifetime Giving)

• John T. Calkins Pi, ’49 (Syracuse)

• Michael J. Callahan, Phi ’61 (Michigan)

• Bradley R. Corner, Omicron ’72 (Illinois)

• Anthony J. Diamandakis, Omega ’97 (Chicago)

• Donald G. Dunn, Xi ’48 (Wesleyan)

• George L. Fearheiley, Omicron ’54 (Illinois)

• Garrett W. Gleim, Tau ’01 (Penn)

• Thomas T. Hanford, Gamma ’62 (Amherst)

• Louis T. Hanover, Omega ’87 (Chicago)

• Henry L. Huser, Rho, ’81(Wisconsin)

• Jack Lageschulte, Epsilon Omega ’59 (Northwestern)

• Philip A. Lotz, Tau, ’79 (Penn)

• Thomas W. McCaffer, Jr. Omicron ’77 (Illinois)

• Joseph O. McCaskill, Chi Delta ’00 (Duke)

• F. Hampton McFadden, Jr., Gamma ’84 (Amherst)

• Gary G. Pan, Eta ’86 (Lehigh)

• Paul E. Raether, Beta Beta ’68 (Trinity)

• Lawrence D. Rakers, Omicron ’86 (Illinois)

• Walter E. Sieglen, Jr. PE, Eta ’69 (Lehigh)

• James A. Swanke, II Rho ’14 (Wisconsin)

• Philip C. Timon, Tau ’86 (Penn)