The Fraternity’s insurance program includes member accident protection insurance as a benefit of membership, also known as the Member Accident Protection Program (MAPP). This covers all undergraduate Brothers of Psi Upsilon who meet the following requirements:

  1. In good standing with Psi Upsilon Fraternity
  2. Membership has been reported to the Psi Upsilon International Office and the Initiation Fee has been paid.
  3. The chapter has paid it’s Risk Management Assessment in full.
  4. Currently enrolled at the college or university where your Chapter is located. If the accident occurs during summer or holiday break, you must have been enrolled during the prior school term and be enrolled for the next term.

The policy carries a $100,000 Accidental Medical Expense and/or Dental Injury Accident limit, a $5,000 Accidental Dismemberment and/or Accidental Death benefit, and a 52 week Benefit Period. Accident must be reported within 180 days of the accident. Reporting delays may cause your claim to be denied or benefit payment to be delayed.

This insurance is intended to complement the health insurance you should already have through your parents or in your own name. This is not a substitute for primary health insurance. This is supplemental ACCIDENT ONLY protection and does not provide any protection for medical costs arising out of a SICKNESS. This policy pays eligible medical expenses that are not recoverable from any other insurance policy, service contract or workers compensation policy. This policy will reimburse deductibles and co-pays of health insurance programs.

More information, including exclusions, can be found here.


When calling to report a claim, participants should reference they are reporting the claim as a Brother of Psi Upsilon and provide the name of the Chapter where they are a Brother and college/university where they are a student. All claims should be reported to:


12 Mohawk Place, PO Box 474

Amsterdam, NY 12010

Phone: (833) 261-6100


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