New Member Reports are due at the beginning of formal pledging. If they are not received at this time, College Tablets will not be sent to the chapter.     

September 13

-Risk Management assessments due to receive 5% early payment discount.

October 1

-All Risk Management Assessments due.

-Fall Officer Reports due.

-Initial Member Reports and Member Taxes ($195 per returning member) due. Membership (initiation) Fees are due upon initiation ($240 per initiate). (Reports and assessments from chapters that start classes after September 15th are due October 15th.)

-If a chapter needs to create a payment plan it must be completed prior to October 1st.

October 10

-Insurance coverage canceled if Risk Management payment not received. There is a 25% surcharge for reinstatement.

November 1

-First installment of Chapter Services assessment ($975) due

-Spring 2021 Grade Reports due

January 14-16, 2022

Archons’ Academy, International Office, Indianapolis, IN

February 1

-Mid-year Membership Reports due and taxes for returning students due. Membership (initiation) fees are due upon initiation ($240 per initiate).

-Spring Officer reports due.

February 15

-Foundation scholarship applications due.

March 1

-Final installment of the Chapter Services assessment ($975) due.

-Fall 2021 Grade Reports due.

-Fall 2021 News and Service Report due

April 15

-Outstanding Junior nominations due.

-Griffin Award for Senior Excellence nominations due.

May 1

-End of Year Membership Reports due (Must update all graduating members).

-Spring News and Service Report Due (The Fall and Spring Chapter reports will be used as the Chapter Report for the 178th Convention).

-Registration for the 178th Convention delegates due

May 15

-Award letters for 178th Psi Upsilon Convention due

June 1

-Last Day to submit Grade Reports for consideration at 178th Convention

July 22-25, 2022

178th Psi Upsilon Convention and 2022 Leadership Institute – Madison Hotel, Washington DC.  All active chapters are required to attend and send at least two undergraduate delegates and one alumni delegate.