New Member Reports are due at the beginning of formal pledging. If they are not received at this time, College Tablets will not be sent to the chapter.     

September 1, 2020

-Fall Officer Reports are due

September 11

-Risk Management assessments due to receive 5% early payment discount.

September 15

-Initial Membership Reports are due

October 1

-All Risk Management assessments due.

-Member Taxes ($195 per returning member) due. Membership (initiation) Fees are due upon initiation ($240 per initiate). (Reports and assessments from chapters that start classes after September 15th are due October 15th.)

-If a chapter needs to create a payment plan it must be completed prior to October 1st.

October 10

-Insurance coverage canceled if Risk Management payment not received. There is a 25% surcharge for reinstatement.

November 1

-First installment of Chapter Services assessment ($975) due

-Spring 2020 Grade Reports due

January 8-10, 2021

Archons’ Academy, International Office, Indianapolis, IN (tentative)

February 1

-Mid-year Membership Reports due and taxes for returning students due. Membership (initiation) fees are due upon initiation ($240 per initiate).

-Spring Officer reports due.

February 15

-Foundation scholarship applications due.

March 1

-Final installment of the Chapter Services assessment ($975) due.

-Fall 2020 Grade Reports due.

-Fall 2020 News and Service Report due

April 15

-Outstanding Junior nominations due.

-Griffin Award for Senior Excellence nominations due.

May 1

-Graduate and Initiate Membership Reports due

-Chapter reports for the 177th Convention due

-Registration for the 177th Convention delegates due

May 15

-Award letters for 177th Psi Upsilon Convention due

June 1

-Last Day to submit Grade Reports for consideration at 177th Convention

July 23-26, 2021

177th Psi Upsilon Convention and 2021 Leadership Institute – The Concourse Hotel and Governors Club located in Madison, WI (hosted by the Rho Chapter).  All active chapters are required to attend and send at least two undergraduate delegates and one alumni delegate.