Our fraternity is a select group sharing similar ideals, hopes, and purposes, bonded together by deep friendship and mutual understanding.

Such a bond provides the foundation which enables the college student to become a poised and self-confident adult equipped with a keener mind, a greater appreciation, and broader sympathies.

This bond is further fortified by a group of true and understanding friends who will stand by him throughout life. The outward manifestation of the philosophical underpinnings of Psi Upsilon are the ways in which we treat ourselves, each other, and those around us.

An Adventure in Group Living

College students joined together in the closest ties of friendship give to each other, and learn from all, the ability to live with men in harmony and good will. The experience that one gains from living, working, and relaxing in a cooperative endeavor develops the qualities that are needed to get along with people, and to win the respect of fellow men.

A Training School in Leadership

Leadership is one of the many things that cannot be learned from a text book. It is acquired through experience. In the environment of a Psi Upsilon chapter, members have the opportunity to develop leadership proficiency in a supportive atmosphere, and the chance to put leadership skills to work.

An Experiment in Democracy

College fraternities are self-governed. Undergraduates find themselves in a living, vital organization – the success or failure of which is determined by each person’s voice and vote.

An International Organization

Psi U’s brotherhood extends far beyond the local chapter. With a combine living graduate and undergraduate membership of more than 26,000 brothers, the Fraternity has chapters and colonies on more than 35 colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada.


Character Development

College covers a span of life that holds tremendous possibilities for the development of an individual’s personality. To thrive, people need a congenial and stimulating atmosphere. The fraternity chapter, with its carefully chosen members, provides this environment.

Strong Friendships

Fraternity life teaches members to seek grounds for mutual understanding and appreciation. The desire to understand and to be understood is universal. The relationships developed in a fraternity give the assurance of deep and lasting friendships.

Support, Advice and Counsel

Fraternities fill the void caused by the breaking of family ties. In each chapter, the accumulated years of experience of the upperclassmen can go a long way in helping solve the problems facing freshmen.

Encourages Scholarship

Psi Upsilon expects its members to be leaders in and out of the classroom. Brothers help each other with studies, course selection, and curriculum planning. They also exert positive peer pressure so that academic success may be realized.

Broaden Outside Interests

By associating with people of different backgrounds and interests, members of the Fraternity find their own interests broadened and changed by those around them.

Foster Higher Ideals

Each member is exposed to the timeless ideals, aims, and principles which have served Psi Upsilon since its founding. The goals of each member are to make a significant contribution to their college or university, to their community, and to their country; to adopt and fulfill significant life goals; and to achieve the highest moral, intellectual, and social excellence and educational standards.

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