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The Distinguished Alumnus Award is the highest award which may be bestowed upon an alumni of Psi Upsilon for bringing honor to the Fraternity by exemplifying the true spirit and meaning of brotherhood in all that they do and say, for dedicated and unselfish service in pursuit of the advancement of the Fraternity, and for demonstrating a commitment to serve the educational environment, their community, and their country. It is anticipated the recipient will have distinguished themselves in their chosen profession. Not necessarily an annual award, the Executive Council may present the Distinguished Alumnus Award at any time it deems an alumni worthy of the honor. The Executive Council shall determine the recipient of this prestigious award.

The Distinguished Alumnus Award was established in 1983, rechristened the David A.B. Brown, ΕΦ ’66 Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2020. 

Recommend an Alumnus for the David A.B. Brown Award


The 155th Psi Upsilon Convention created the Distinguished Alumni Service Award to recognize those alumni whose service has brought honor to our fraternity. The following resolution created the award:

WHEREAS: The Psi Upsilon alumni have contributed to this fraternity with great generosity and selflessness; and

WHEREAS: The delegates of the 155th Convention would like to recognize alumni for their invaluable contributions, therefore be it

RESOLVED: That a Distinguished Alumni Service Award be created; and be it further

RESOLVED: That candidates will be considered for this award based on

a) a letter of recommendation written by a brother and reviewed by the Awards Committee, which explains the nominee’s service to the Fraternity, his chapter, his community and the great nations of the United States and Canada, and

b) The candidate’s fidelity and adherence to the values of Psi Upsilon as set forth in Article I, section 3 as well as the preamble of the Constitution of Psi Upsilon Fraternity.

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The Psi Upsilon Foundation board of directors created the George L. Howell, Eta ’55, Psi Upsilon Philanthropist Award to recognize an individual (or family) with a proven record of exceptional generosity to Psi Upsilon who, through direct financial support, has demonstrated outstanding fraternal and charitable responsibility, and whose generosity encourages others to take philanthropic leadership roles within Psi Upsilon at the International level.

Approved June 28, 2013 Psi Upsilon Foundation Board of Directors


Established May 2021

Named in honor of Brother Willard Fiske, Psi 1851, first editor of “The Diamond” of Psi Upsilon, this Award, created in 2021, honors brothers who have made significant and distinctive contribution through their written and cinematically presented journalism, scholarship. Their efforts support, preserve, and popularize Psi Upsilon’s history and the achievements of the fraternity and its brothers.

Eligibility and Selection: 

Candidates will be drawn from the pool of writers, videographers or editors, who create a body of work for the publication cycle (beginning each September) that is 

• published in printed and qualified publication of the Fraternity or Foundation or 

• in the case of a video, accessible to the majority of the brothers (as determined by the committee on a case-by-case basis).

• is a work of scholarship deserving of this award as determined by the Awards and Recognition committee or Psi Upsilon Foundation.

The awards committee will evaluate qualified candidates and choose recipient; considerations for award should show preference for long-form works and works of new or significant scholarship, or that contribute to the preservation, presentation, and popularization of Psi Upsilon’s history and the achievements of our brothers.Eligible candidates are evaluated each spring (May/June) by the Awards Committee and endorsed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. This award can be won multiple times by the same applicant. There may be more than one recipient.

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