Pre Qualified Social Impact Fellowship Opportunities


The Social Impact Fellowship can be used the help you develop your leadership and career skills in a variety of ways. The following list is an example, by no means exhaustive, of some things you could use the grant for.

Below, please find access to a few very important recommendations and resources; more detailed information can be found at the bottom of each section. You will notice that there are a significant amount of links in the sections below. We want to provide you with as many resources and spots to find information as possible.


Public Speaking:

Finance & Accounting:


  • Finding ways to connect with each other might be one of the most important things you can do as we go virtual in how we exist as a brotherhood. As humans, we need each other for relationships and interactions; even our introverted members need some human connection. The last thing we want is for any of our members to feel lonely, left out, and searching for ways to feel a part of Psi Upsilon.
  • The Fellowship can help with educational requirements towards any of these programs:
    • CVA – Certified in Volunteer Administration
    • CAVS – Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services
    • CFRE – Certified Fund Raising Executive
    • CAE – Certified Association Executive
    • CVM – Certified in Volunteer Management
    • CNP – Certified Nonprofit Professional
    • MSW – Masters in Social Work

Strategic Planning:

HR & Conflict Resolution:

For Alumni Chapter Corp Officers / Advisors: Housing Conference (Fellowship to assist with travel and hotel):  – Fraternal Law Conference

• Association of Fraternal Leadership Values (AFLV) (there is a west coast version as well, but central is the main meeting – this is more geared towards students) – NorthEast Greek Leadership Conference (NGLA)– also have a specific “Advisors Academy”

Fundraising & Grant Writing:

Proposal Writing and Grant ManagementGrants are central to a comprehensive fundraising plan, and so is grant management. Identify the right foundations, study their guidelines and write a compelling proposal – either on paper or online. Ensure that you manage the grant properly and conclude with a thorough report that can help your grant funding continue.

Effective Leadership, Successful FundraisingYou have developed significant fundraising skills, and now you have been promoted to lead the fundraising team. Especially for the new leader or the fundraising executive aspiring for a leadership position, in this course, you will learn how to develop and cast vision for your fundraising operation, recruit and retain talent, continually innovate, lead through consensus, address setbacks, and hold colleagues accountable for results.

• Certified Fund Raising Executive certification

Certificate in College Athletics Fundraising 

We know this is a lot to think through, explore, and plan for. We just want you to feel supported and have access to as many resources as possible. Some centralized locations to find information can be found below:

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