One way to become part of the Psi Upsilon chapter on your campus is to get to know the current undergraduate members. Participating in either the fall or spring rush is perhaps the easiest way to meet members of Psi Upsilon. This is time the brothers have already set up to meet you. Rush fliers may be posted around campus or you can check with the Office of Greek Affairs or the campus student activities office for more information. You may want to contact one of the brothers directly either by finding his name or email address in a campus directory or just stopping by the chapter. The Psi Upsilon brothers would be pleased to let you know about the next recruitment period. If you are interested in the chapter but formal recruitment is not taking place now, you can still find out more about the Psi Upsilon chapter at your school by contacting one of the brothers.

Send us some basic information to get started!

Psi Upsilon is not at my school but I still want to be a part of the organization. What can I do?

Over the years, Psi Upsilon has pursued a decidedly conservative expansion policy, adding new chapters only at selective colleges and universities; nevertheless we are always looking for the best leaders and students from the best schools. The basic criteria to be considered in adding to our chapter roll are the attitudes of the undergraduates, the character of the institution and the strength of the existing Greek system.

If becoming a Founding Father of a Psi Upsilon chapter at your school sounds exciting, and you have a group of friends who are also interested, fill out this short form to notify us at the Psi Upsilon International Office. We will guide you and provide you with the resources necessary to begin the process of organization, colonization and initiation.

My local fraternity wants to petition to become a chapter of Psi Upsilon. What do we do?

Once your group has come to understand Psi Upsilon’s core values and realizes the merits of affiliation with Psi Upsilon, contact us. We will first need to see some basic qualifications such as membership, academic achievement, philanthropy and community service, and living arrangements. We will then arrange for a meeting with the group to discuss these topics in greater detail.

The entire process is not based on a set amount of time because we want to make sure that both the local organization as well as Psi Upsilon is prepared for the new union of values, personalities and goals; however, we share in the excitement and want to get things going as much as you do. Fill out this short form or contact the Psi Upsilon International Office for more information.

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