11.05.2020 – Virtual Speaker Series

Join us for the Psi Upsilon Virtual Speaker Series, live online Thursday November 5th 6:00-6:45pm EST

Going to the Dogs; Identify & Develop Your Entrepreneurial Niche (and Talk about Dogs)

Our speaker will be Adam Boyko, Omicron ’99 (University of Illinois) – Associate Professor at Cornell University & Founder of Embark: Dog Genetic Breed + Health Kit

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After getting his PhD in Biology, Adam Boyko founded Embark, a company which uses genetic testing to give pet owners Information that may improve or extend their pet’s life.

In the course of their quest to understand the domestic dog, Embark’s founders have discovered many of the things that make every breed and every individual dog unique. Their pioneering work revealed an origin of the domestic dog near Central Asia over 15,000 years ago and the history of dog populations around the globe.

Adam’s lab has also uncovered the genetic basis for many dog diseases and traits. While they have enjoyed working in remote corners of the world and in the lab, Adam and Ryan have always wanted to share their work and improve the lives of pet dogs everywhere. Partnering with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, the leading veterinary school in the country, and Spencer Wells, a pioneer in consumer genetics, they founded Embark to bring cutting-edge science and insights directly onto your phone and desktop.

ryan boyko doing dna analysis in a lab

Owners and their pets can immediately benefit from all the newest and most advanced science. They can also contribute to advancing scientific discoveries every day. By continually sharing new insights while collecting more data, our dogs can benefit from the best care.

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