178th Psi Upsilon Convention and 2022 Leadership Institute

2022 Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute takes up the majority of our programming on Saturday, and covers a variety of topics that are of interest to both undergraduate and alumni members of our fraternity. Sessions in 2022 include:

“Who not How: Partnering with our Campus Resources”

Travis Smith – Director of Growth

Travis serves as the Director of Growth for Psi Upsilon, joining the staff after 15+ years as a campus-based fraternity and sorority advisor. An alumnus of the University of Miami and Eastern Illinois University, he has an extensive background in fraternity/sorority life and specializes in chapter growth through recruitment and creating a meaningful membership experience that results in better satisfaction and retention of members. He served his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu, as a leadership consultant for two years before attending EIU where he received his Master of Science in Education Degree with a concentration in College Student Affairs. He currently serves as a volunteer for the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV), where he holds the role of Coordinator for Educational Programs for the central conference, which is the largest annual gathering of Fraternity and Sorority leaders in the country.

Discover how to make a mindset shift that opens the door to explosive growth and limitless possibility as a chapter leader. In this presentation, Travis will expand on the work of Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy’s book “Who Not How” to discuss how to utilize local and FREE resources to work smarter, not harder in providing the best membership experience to all members. Using the power of “Who Not How” to support the chapter will allow you as a chapter leader to focus on the most critical and important elements of the chapter experience while relying on experts in other areas to provide higher-level services to the chapter and its members.

“The Lion in the Sky told me to do it!: Ethical Leadership”

Stephen Oeschle – Director of Chapter Services

As human beings we all enter every adventure with some moral or ethical compass helping to guide decision making. Have you thought about how your personal compass was assembled? Did someone give you the parts and the instructions to assemble it? Did you have to go out and find them on your own? Let’s talk about how we make meaning out of the world and our place in it! We’ll examine how people are given or find those compass parts and what role that plays in who they are and how they interact with the world. Come prepared to hear others’ paths and try to prepare to be bold and share your own.

Stephan Oechsle serves Psi Upsilon as the Director of Chapter Services and has worked in Higher Education and Public Service for the last 15 years. He’ll share some of the knowledge on how humans and especially college students make and find meaning in the world that he gleaned from his thesis research. Audience members are actively encouraged to engage, share, and challenge the presenter and one another (respectfully of course) as we dive into an understanding of what makes us tick.

History and Archives Committee

The History and Archives Committee was created in 2020 to better research and highlight Psi Upsilon’s stories. This year members of the Committee will be reviewing our ties to the Nation’s capitol including Chester A. Arthur, Theta 1848 (Union), William Howard Taft, Beta 1878 (Yale), and Nelson Rockefeller, Zeta ’30 (Dartmouth)

Engagement and Technology

Fraternity and Foundation Leadership will review ways to engage with Psi Upsilon on the national level including programs like the speaker series and history and archives committee, publications and useful technology for chapters like MemberPlanet, Crowd Change, and more!

Risk Management Review

It’s important that every chapter knows and understands our Risk Management Policy. We’ll review the policy and talk about some best practices that chapters apply to comply with it. We will utilize examples directly from our experiences with chapters, as well as discuss trends we’re seeing in Higher Education.

Roundtable Discussion Groups

As a part of the registration process we asked attendees to identify topics they would like to discuss. We’ll have short facilitated small group discussions based on the feedback you provide.