179th Psi Upsilon Convention and 2023 Leadership Institute


This is where you can register for the 179th Psi Upsilon Convention and 2023 Leadership Institute. If you cannot join us for the entirety of the weekend and would like to only attend the social events Friday and Saturday, or our Awards Banquet Sunday, you can use the “Single Event Registration” page.

To attend the business sessions of the 179th Convention and Leadership Institute, you must be a fully registered delegate for all events.

Every Chapter can have as many delegates as it pleases but is limited to three votes during business sessions – one alum vote and two undergraduate votes in accordance with the Psi Upsilon Constitution. All delegates, whether voting or not, will be assigned to a committee and will be invited to participate in the opening and closing convention sessions and will have the right to speak.

If you have any questions about Registration please see our FAQ or contact Keith Willard, Director of Member Services, at keith@psiu.org

Registration for the 179th Convention is now closed. If there is space available you may be able to still register for Social Events through the Psi Upsilon Society of Georgia using this link.

Alum Delegate – All Events. Choose this option if you are an alum and would like to attend all convention events. Alum Registration is open until July 17.

Official Undergraduate Delegate – All Events. Choose this option if you are one of the two undergraduate delegates representing a chapter. The Chapter Services Fee paid by each chapter includes the Convention registration fee and three nights accommodation for the chapter’s two delegates for the evenings of July 28th, 29th and 30th. Official Undergraduate Registration has closed. If you need to change names of an Official Delegate please contact Director of Member Services Keith Willard at Keith@psiu.org.

Additional Undergraduate Delegates – All Events. Chapters sending more than their two official delegates can register additional attendees using this registration form. Additional Delegate Registration is open until July 17.

Single Event Registration – If you cannot attend all the events associated with the Psi Upsilon Convention, and only want to attend certain meals or social events, use this link.

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