2023-24 Scholarship Recipients & Keynote

We’d like to congratulate the 30 brothers from 16 chapters who received scholarships for the 2023-24 Academic Year from the Psi Upsilon Foundation, including four graduate awards! Below is the list of recipients based on their award.

We held an online announcement for the Scholarship recipients on May 4th hosted by the Psi Upsilon Foundation’s Chair and President, Alex Senchak, Eta ’06 (Lehigh), and our keynote speaker Mark DiPasquale, Pi ’88 (Syracuse), offered comments on how Psi Upsilon has positively affected his life. You can view that speech in the video below.

We would like to thank all the generous donors to the Annual Fund and everyone who has helped make these named scholarships possible. Since 1959 The Psi Upsilon Foundation has awarded over 1.2 million dollars in scholarships to our members because of the generosity of our donors!

Graduate Scholarships

Lewis Finkelstein, Omicron 1983 Awards 
Lucas Rempel, Zeta Zeta ‘22 (UBC)  

FishFund Awards 
Tuna Ergan, Gamma Tau ‘23 (Georgia Tech) 

Henry B. Poor, Gamma 1939 Award
Christopher Picard, Zeta ‘23 (Dartmouth) 

Dr. Tony Kremer, Omicron ‘87 Award 
Christopher Bushnell, Upsilon ‘23 (Rochester) 

Undergraduate Scholarships

Albert C. Jacobs, Phi ‘21 Award  
Tyrese Wheaton, Phi Delta ‘25 (Mary Washington) 

Benjamin T. Burton, Chi ‘21 Award 
Kevin Cavicchia, Psi ‘25 (Hamilton) 

Curtis J. Rettke, Eta ‘84 Award
Adrian Gollub-Messiah, Eta ‘24 (Lehigh) 

Earl D. Babst, Iota-Phi ‘93  
Tyler Beckwith, Sigma Phi ‘24 (St. Francis) 

Eric W. Didul, Phi Beta ‘90 Award  
Nicholas Elsberg, Phi Beta ‘24 (William and Mary) 

Francis C. Hardie, Omicron-Zeta ‘18  
Justin Ou, Zeta Zeta ‘24 (UBC)
Alexander Lassooij, Zeta Zeta ‘25 (UBC) 

Gardner A. Callanen, Psi ‘29 Award 
Luca McAdams, Psi ‘25 (Hamilton) 

Gregg E. Rohlin, Phi ‘83 Award  
Eric Michals, Phi Nu ‘24 (Christopher Newport) 

Henry B. Poor, Gamma ‘39 Awards  
Zachary Morrison, Pi ‘24 (Syracuse)
Mark Bargout, Tau ‘25 (Pennsylvania)
Frederick Bristowe, Tau ‘24 (Pennsylvania)
Luca Martini, Tau ‘24 (Pennsylvania)
Joe Schwabacher, Tau ‘24 (Pennsylvania) 

J. Russell McShane, Delta ‘32 Award  
Nolan Shay, Pi ‘24 (Syracuse 

Jerome W. Brush, Jr.,Delta Delta ‘39 Award  
Rocco Valvano, Eta ‘25 (Lehigh) 

Jonathan E. Persky, Omega ‘85 Awards  
William McKelvain, Omega ‘24 (Chicago) Maina Ngobia, Omega ‘24 (Chicago) 

Michael D. Oberg, Theta Theta ‘88 Award  
Finn Johnson, Zeta Zeta ‘23 (UBC) 

Paul D. Friday, Theta Theta ‘26 Award  
Mirren Buchanan, Zeta Zeta ‘25 (UBC) 

R. DeWitt Wallace, Epsilon ‘14 Award  
Aidan Henegar, Lambda Sigma ‘24 (Pepperdine) 

R. Timothy Leedy, Phi ‘57 Award  
Ryan Shoji, Zeta Zeta ‘23 (UBC) 

Robert W. Morey, Pi ‘20 Awards 
Sean O’Toole, Pi ‘24 (Syracuse) 

Robert W. Parsons, Xi ‘22 Award  
Cece Hawley, Xi ‘24 (Wesleyan) 

Salvatore L. Biardo, Omicron ’04 Award
Kevin Sanderson, Omicron ‘26 (Illinois) 

William P. King, Omicron ‘73 Award  
Elisa Miller, Gamma Tau ‘25 (Georgia Tech) 

Psi Upsilon was pleased to give out 30 scholarships this year!

Mark DiPasquale, Pi ’88 (Syracuse) Keynote address to the Scholarship Recipients

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