Psi Upsilon International Office
1389 W. 86th Street #345
Indianapolis, Indiana 46260

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Breaking news…                                                                                                                                                                    July 19, 2021

Beginning in early 2019, the Board of Directors began developing a strategic plan for the property that the Foundation owns in Indianapolis. This almost ½ acre property and building, purchased in 1994, has been the International Headquarters serving our staff and archives well, and has proven to be a sound investment for the Foundation. It demands, however, quite a lot of maintenance and investment to keep it consistent with other similar commercial properties. Due to the pandemic, the board tabled the comprehensive plan until this past spring when several members of the board and staff convened in Indianapolis to review with contractors the various possible strategic possibilities in the best interest of our organization.
In a moment of serendipity, as the plan was being finalized, we received an unsolicited reasonable offer from our neighbor to the west of our property to purchase the land and building. This necessitated a board conversation to discuss the options for the Foundation and Fraternity as well as weigh the projected market conditions. Ultimately, after careful review with real estate experts and our counsel, the board voted unanimously to move forward with the sale of the building and property. The sale is a valuable addition to our now robust investment portfolio.
We anticipate sharing more exciting news with you soon. Till then, please feel free to reach out to our staff with ideas or questions and as always, thank you for your generosity and dedicated support of Psi Upsilon!

Purchased in May 1995 and dedicated on July 27, 1996, the International Office is home to both the Fraternity and the Foundation. The building is a neo-colonial design located in the northern section of Indianapolis. It contains approximately 5,200 square feet of useable space on two floors. The first floor holds a two story atrium and entryway, a board room, a reception area, staff offices a document assembly area, a large classroom and a kitchen. The upstairs contains a library, museum, a storage area, and a fully-furnished two bedroom apartment for the field staff.

In the facility, each of the chapters is represented by its coat-of-arms. Photos of many of our distinguished living alumni can be found in the Hall of Honor and we remember those who came before us by preserving our history in the archives.

The building’s classroom is the perfect setting for educational sessions such as the Archons’ Academy and for chapter retreats. Our headquarters is much more than an office from which we administer our Fraternity and Foundation; it is a place where we preserve our past and prepare for our future.

The Fraternity gathered again in Indianapolis on August 15, 1998 for the dedication of Heritage Square.

Almost 1,000 bricks bearing names and personal messages line the walkways of the south lawn of the International Office. In an impressive tribute, the flags of many colleges and universities where Psi U has chapters are found in Heritage Square.

Library and Archives

The Constitution: There are two original constitutions on display in the office. The first copy, lost for many years, was recovered from a rare manuscript dealer in the 1930s. The second copy, also dating from 1834, is inscribed into the original book of minutes of the Theta chapter.

The Psi Upsilon Flag: The original flag of the Fraternity hangs proudly in the office. It was the same flag which flew aboard Admiral Peary’s ship, The Falcon, as it crossed the arctic circle in 1894. Also on display is the Psi U flag which James Morrissey, Pi ’58 (Syracuse University), carried on his trek up the face of Mt. Everest in 1983.

Founder’s Correspondence and Badges: In the archives is a large collection of correspondence written by founders of Psi Upsilon, particularly Samuel Goodale, Sterling Hadley and Edward Martindale. In addition we have the badges of Samuel Goodale and Robert Barnard, as well as that of L.J. Goodale, blood brother of Samuel.

Psi Upsilon Jewelry: In addition to the Founders’ badges, we have a display of Psi Upsilon badges, pledge pins and sweetheart pins to show the lineage and evolution of Psi Upsilon jewelry through the years.

Chester A. Arthur
Theta 1948

Distinguished alumni: On display are numerous pictures of prominent alumni with correspondence from them. Included in this list of brothers are Presidents Arthur and Taft, and Vice President Rockefeller.

The Annals of Psi Upsilon: The massive collection of materials accumulated for composition of The Annals is available for research or browsing.

Executive Council minutes: Minutes of the Executive Council are bound and available in the archives dating from its first meeting.

Membership reports: Every membership report ever submitted to the Executive Council is on file.

Publications: Back issues of The DIAMOND of Psi Upsilon, The Psi U Review, The College Tablet, songbooks and membership directories are available.

Chapter collections: Every chapter has materials preserved in the archives. Minutes of chapter meetings dating back to their founding are stored, as well as chapter newsletters. Newspaper articles have been clipped and stored, and programs from chapter events are preserved for posterity. Of particular interest are the predecessors to The DIAMOND, and letters exchanged between chapters to keep each other informed of their activities.

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