Alumni Profile: Paul Bush, Phi ‘76 (University of Michigan)


“When I was [an undergraduate] in the Fraternity…being a committed brother and an officer gives you a connection. I understood [Psi Upsilon is an] international organization and what the international office did for the chapters. International relies on alumni who give back to provide services and I know how important that is. I guess you could compare it to the professional org I’m in. We have membership dues and use that to support members. We couldn’t do it without the dues.” 

– Paul Bush, Phi ‘76


PAUL BUSH Phi ‘76 (University of Michigan) 

At the University of Michigan in the 60’s and 70’s the membership of Psi Upsilon largely drew from wealthier families from the east side of Detroit, primarily from Grosse Pointe and St Clair Shores area. A shift began in 1972 with an incoming class with different backgrounds and from other areas of Michigan. Brother Paul Bush (Phi ‘76) pledged alongside those brothers which enhanced the chapters diversity. 

Bush recounts the sea change in membership not as a contentious but one of the struggle for growth and bonding. He recalls fond memories of back yard field hockey and co-ed mixers. His recommendation of our society became so great that he successfully encouraged his own familial brother Mark to join him at Michigan and in the brotherhood of Psi Upsilon. During his sophomore and junior years Paul Bush resided in the house and during his junior year served as President of the chapter. While Bush did move out during his senior and fifth year, with a longer matriculation due to his enrollment as a pharmacy student, he remained an active brother contributing as he could. 

Not everyone knows what they want to do with their life on the first day of college but Brother Bush did. Entering the University of Michigan as a pharmacy student he knew that he would spend five years instead of four but would end his time with a full professional degree to practice pharmacy. 

While his career has always been focused on pharmacy practice he has gone on to be a leader and an educator. He received an MBA in 1982 from Wayne State University and currently serves as Vice President of Global Resource Development and Consulting for the American Society of Heath-System Pharmacists (ASHP). He teaches at Northwestern University and passes on his wisdom and experience to a new generation. 

Among his many professional accolades Dr. Bush has received the John W. Webb Lecture Award from Northeastern University and ASHP, an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Campbell University, the Dean Golod Award from MUSC Health, and the the NCAP Pharmacy Ambassador award. 

His publications include co-authorship in Managing and Leading – 44 Lessons Learned for Pharmacists, and chapters in Building a Successful Ambulatory Practice, Financial Management Basics for Health System Pharmacists, Handbook of Institutional Pharmacy Practice, and the Pharmacy Certified Technician Training Manual. 

Shortly after college he married Julie and they have two children including Sarah who is also a pharmacist. His current position is professionally fulfilling, with the added benefit of placing him close to his children and grandchildren. 

When asked what advice he would give to younger Psi U’s he said to not ignore the networking aspect of college. Many of the people in your classes will be the people you have professional relationships outside of college and for the rest of your life. 

For fraternity brothers specifically, he mentions the care and improvement of the fraternity house. During his undergraduate years, most brothers were strong supporters of the Psi U legacy and the beautiful house on Hill Street. The brothers organized projects to improve the grounds and made improvements to the basement so it could be used for relaxation, games, and parties. 

Brother Bush has consistently donated for 43 years to Psi Upsilon and says of donations: 

“I’ve been a consistent contributor since graduation and feel very good about my commitment to Psi Upsilon. Consistent giving year over year is very important as it provides a foundation of support for the fraternity. It’s just the right thing to do” 


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