Announcing the 2023 Summer Leadership Series

In an effort to help prepare undergraduate leaders as they return to campus this fall we’ve renewed our online Summer Leadership Series Program. Chapter Services staff identified 10 programs to focus on – each session will have specific officers and chairs invited and encourage to attend, so as to not overwhelm leaders, and offering advice specific to their roles. These sessions are focused around our new chapter management tool, Asana; event planning; recruitment (and a specific program for our chapters that are coed); new member education; marketing and more. The topics and times can be found below, you can click on a session for a better description as well as the intended audience and Zoom information, all times are Eastern:

Monday, August 14th @ 5PM
How to Use Asana

Monday, August 14th @ 6PM
Planning a Successful Event

Monday, August 14th @ 7PM
Our Ritual

Tuesday, August 15th @ 5PM
New Member Education

Tuesday, August 15th @ 6PM
Psi U Cares

Tuesday, August 15th @ 7PM
Academic Success

Wednesday, August 16th @ 5PM
Recruitment 101

Wednesday, August 16th @ 6PM
Budgeting, Dues and 990s

Wednesday, August 16th @ 7PM
Your Chapter’s Brand

Thursday, August 17th @ 5PM
Growing Coed / Gender-Inclusive Chapters

Thursday, August 17th @ 6PM
How to Use Asana (2nd session)

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic we’ve greatly redesigned our Chapter Leadership Program, some by necessity and some due to lessons learned from a remote workplace. Specifically we’ve been focused on doing a better job of measuring chapter performance and improving our online support to meet the specific needs of chapters.
These changes include:
In 2020 we improved our online education by moving to the Tightrope Risk Management Program, introduced the Inclusive Practices Cultural Competency Program for New Members, Adopted the Phired Up Recruitment Certification Program for chapters and moved our support model to increased virtual meetings and started having monthly Town Hall meetings for Chapter Archons and Alumni Presidents and Advisors to better connect these cohorts as well as first introduced programming like our Summer Leadership Series.
In 2021 our staff was able to grow in size so we were able to return to in person visits while keeping our regular virtual meetings. We also began the Psi U Cares Program to better encourage ways our chapter members could support one another’s mental wellness as well as introduced the Treasurers Academy to compliment the Archons Academy.
In 2022 we began building our Chapter Classification Program, where we improved measuring our chapters performance and providing that feedback to Alumni Presidents, Advisors and Chapter Presidents so they can better understand their chapter’s performance over time and in relation to other Psi Upsilon Chapters.
In 2023 we introduced Spring Roundtables to our virtual meetings, focused on chair positions that were sometimes being overlooked by our traditional programming and this Fall we’re excited to introduce our new Project Management tool Asana to our chapters, we feel this will help them delegate tasks and reports due to the International Office as well as within their own chapters.

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