Charles M. Hall ESQ, Nu Alpha ’71 awarded Distinguished Alumni Service Award.

Since the Nu Alpha chapter at Washington and Lee University joined Psi Upsilon in the fall of 1970, Charles M. “Chuck” Hall, Nu Alpha ’71 (Washington & Lee), who was the chapter’s President at the time, has been an active member of Psi Upsilon.  He has inspired generations of Psi Upsilon brothers strive to for bigger achievements and supported them with advice, recommendations, and compassion. 

“Psi U changed my life, and in a very good way,” says Chuck. “I came from a small town on the Ohio River in West Virginia and hadn’t been exposed to a lot of the world.  When I joined a fraternity, I grew up in ways that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. I learned leadership skills, self-confidence and how to work with and manage people. It was a positive experience—and it helped me in life.”

After graduating from W&L, Chuck received his commission thanks to ROTC and went on active duty as an officer in the U.S. Army.  After he was released from active service, he attended law school at Emory University in Atlanta, where he remained to practice law. At the urging of William Robie, Epsilon Omega ’66 (Northwestern), Chuck became involved with the leadership of Psi Upsilon on the International level; he is a past Treasurer and past President of the Fraternity’s Executive Council and also Past President of the Psi Upsilon Foundation.

Chuck congratulates Price & Norma Gehrke, Tau ’43, on their wedding anniversary, celebrated at the 151st Psi Upsilon Convention

 “Psi Upsilon has had a positive influence on a lot of undergraduates,” Chuck added, “but that didn’t just happen. It’s because members who came before us decided to leave something behind. A bequest is an easy way to provide for the fraternity and help change people’s lives.”

Chuck was elected to the Executive Council while he was in law school and soon was asked to became an alumni advisor to the fledgling Gamma Tau chapter at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Since then he has been continuously involved with the Psi Upsilon Society of Georgia, serving at times as the only board member and for a long time as Treasurer.

During his long involvement with PUSOG, Chuck negotiated the purchase and financing of two chapter houses as the Gamma Tau grew and matured. 

He was initiated into the Gamma Tau chapter 30 years ago and even though some say it was an honorary membership, the brothers of the Gamma Tau have always told him that as far as they were concerned he was a real brother of the chapter (and to forget walking away because of semantics). Becoming a Gamma Tau kept Chuck involved and many of the undergraduates he met over the years have become life-long friends.

 “Donating to the Foundation pays off for years and years to come. Consistent donations at any level were the one thing that humbled me when I served on the Executive Council and on the Foundation.  They were always voluntary and came from people who were not compelled to give.  Scholarships, Fellowships, and similar awards are, in large part, paid for by brothers who are no longer with us but who believed in the mission of the Fraternity and in a better future, paying it forward to help people they would never know.”

Brother Hall maintains a well-regarded private law practice and contributes to social excellence through involvement with other community organizations.

On the role of alumni, he writes, “Alumni play a vital role in the Fraternity. They provide an important link, without which, undergraduates of each generation would know little or nothing of the rich history of Psi Upsilon and of the strength and durability of brotherhood and friendship.” Chuck has guided the Fraternity with distinguished leadership and deep and abiding Fraternal devotion. It is with deep gratitude that we bestow upon him the Distinguished Alumni Service Award. 

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