The Psi Upsilon Foundation has established a restricted fund entitled The Teach A Brother to Fish Fund (“FishFund”) On March 29th 2021. This fund primarily supports educational programs to inspire, mentor, and train entrepreneurship and venture endeavors within Psi Upsilon through existing scholarship and Social Impact Fellowship programs as well as net. The annual distribution of the fund’s proceeds will be overseen by the Foundation board and will include a named fellowship and graduate scholarship annually. The fund has been initiated by brother Joseph P. Cillo PhD, Delta ’61 in 2021 and will grow overtime to include more activities that create opportunities for hands-on venture education. 

Nominations of brothers may be made any time of the year and applications are open July 15 – September 15th with the awards announced in October.

Inspiration through Networking:

Brother of Psi Upsilon value the network and deep relationships that form over time between brothers of the chapter and throughout the wider network. Curating a network within the brotherhood explicitly for supporting entrepreneurial ventures with mentors, investors, leaders and technical resources plays a valuable role to the ecosystem. The FishFund is building a virtual directory of talent and resources to support direct dialogue and exchanges and foster sharing of perspectives and resources. To join our exclusive list of venture network, please email Jonathan Chaffin at Jonathan@psiu.org 
More details can be found at the Frequently Asked Questions page

Participate with the FishFund:

Mentors and Investors:

Brothers with venture or entrepreneurial experience can participate by acting as speakers at the Venture Summit, by sharing their expertise as part of the “Ask an Expert” series, or by investing in the FishFund (see below).


The Foundation invites entrepreneurial brothers to present on their project as part of the Gilrane Economic Symposium, FishFund Annual Venture Summit, Pitch Night, or other future events. To qualify to present, the startup must have a fully developed and working product. A founder, C-Suite leader or key investor must be a Psi Upsilon brother.

All FishFund Mentors and Entrepreneurs are held private for the time being as well assemble the first round of materials for the fund.

Investing in the FishFund:

The FishFund is a collective of like minded brothers who value the power of the entrepreneurial spirit and wish to foster it through investment in the programs and entrepreneurs of Psi Upsilon. The FishFun is a restricted fund to support the venture promoting educational programs within the Foundation and support the deserving entrepreneurs. The Fund provides a tax efficient way to gain access to an exciting cadre of ideas as well as a group of people who when put together may have the next great idea. To discuss the fund further, please reach out to President and Chair Alex Senchak at asenchak@psiu.org

Showcasing Opportunities – Annual Pitch Nights

Affiliating with a life-long brotherhood means recognizing those at any juncture of life who are pursuing a venture and solving problems in our world. The FishFund sponsors two pitch nights annually, December (NYC) and May (SF). These evenings offer the entrepreneur a chance to present their business and take questions from a panel and audience. Attendees can then network and discuss further partnership and investment opportunities with the entrepreneurs. Special consideration will be made for entrepreneurs that are undergraduate. 

Be considered for our next pitch night

Contact Information:

For questions or concerns about applying for the Fellowship, please contact Bethann Taylor, Director of Administration at the Foundation.

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