This annual panel discussion within the Speaker’s Series will convene in the northeast each year. Named in honor of long-serving Foundation board member and Psi chapter leader, Patrick Gilrane, Psi ’83, this event is underwritten by a fund established in his honor.

The 2022 Symposium will take place in Greenwich, CT, Dec 8th, 2022. Click here for details
The 2021 Symposium will took place in Greenwich, CT, Dec 9th, 2021. Click here for panelists.

The 2020 Gilrane Economic Symposium was held on November 12th, 2020.

Reach out to Alex Senchak, President and Chair of the Foundation to discuss contributing to the Gilrane Economic Symposium at

Donors to the Symposium Fund:

John “Jeb” E. Beckwith, Psi ‘84

James Y. Blackwood, Psi ’84

J Martin Brayboy, Gamma ‘84

James H. Bresson, Psi ’83

David A.B. Brown, Epsilon Phi ‘66

Matt Eckenrode, Epsilon Nu ‘04

Tom Fox, Omicron ‘00

Paul S. Freyer, Psi ‘83

Christopher P. Fuller, Zeta ‘89

Jean Gilrane

Nathan Harris, Psi ‘07

David B. Holgate, Psi ‘83

Christopher W. Jusuf, Psi ’15

John S. Keim, Psi ‘81

Christopher N. Kilbourne, Psi ‘78

James D. Logan, Psi ‘74

Robin R. Mancuso, Psi ’81

Jeremy McKeon, Eta ‘08

Howard Morgan

Jonathan Morse, Omega ’01

Ed Murphy

Patrick M. Murphy, Psi ’80

David K. Nichols, Psi ‘77

Mark A. Niles, Psi ’85

Brian J. O’Malley, Psi ’10

John F. H. Ong, Gamma ‘82

John M. Robards, Psi ’84

Alexander Senchak, Eta ‘06

Thomas P. Spellane, Psi ‘71

George H. Spencer,  III, Gamma ‘85

Graham S. Stephens, Psi ‘04

Steven D. Stork, Psi ’83

Philip Timon, Tau ‘86

John W. Uhlein,  III, Psi ’83

Thomas D. Williams, Psi ’81

Jack Withiam, Jr., Psi ’71

James M. Yetman, Psi ’82

as of October 25, 2021

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