Psi Chapter Career-Mentor Program Finds Continued Success

Since 2012, the Psi Chapter of Psi Upsilon has developed, and continually expanded upon a career-building program directed at their undergraduates. Conceptualized by Patrick Gilrane, Psi ‘83, the program puts Hamilton’s Psi U alumnus in contact with brothers whom have an interest in the former’s field; through a mentor-apprentice format, the alumni provide insight and one-on-one advice to their assigned mentees, ensuring to mimic a real-world, professional relationship.

The undergraduates develop communicative skills applicable to a job-setting, while simultaneously learning about, and furthermore networking for their desired career path. The program has found such success within the chapter that the college itself has modeled aspects of their career center around it.

The core principles of this program culminate in an on-campus event attended by undergraduates and alumni alike: “Career-Day”. A formal seminar followed by segmented discussions (specified by field of interest) allow for the expansion of skills that have been acquired through the ongoing mentorships. Undergraduates are to assess their resumes, refine their interview skills, and exercise general capability in a professional setting, all while building valuable connections with alumni currently in the workforce. This Fall’s event, led by Nate Harris Psi ‘07, was no exception to the program’s achievement, as the day was highly informative, smoothly run – and, with the typical generational story-sharing, fun for all.

Ed. – Now more than ever our new graduates, young alumni, and undergraduates can use the presence and support of our more experienced brothers. is also a resource for mentoring within the Psi U brotherhood. You can sign up to be a mentor or mentee here.

The Psi Upsilon Professional Network on LinkedIn is another resource; share your professional accomplishments and post internships and jobs there.

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