Psi Upsilon Beacon, Scholarship Highlights

2021 Psi Upsilon Beacon, Scholarship Highlights – Published June 2021

The Beacon highlights the grant, scholarship, and fellowship programs of the Psi Upsilon Foundation in support of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity. This issue highlight our 2021-22 graduate and undergraduate Scholarship recipients, our new FishFund, the history of our named scholarship program, and updates on the life and careers of several of our past awardees.

This year the Psi Upsilon Foundation awarded over $46,000 in scholarships to deserving brothers. We’d like to congratulate the 34 brothers from 16 chapters who received scholarships ranging from $500 to $4,250 in 2021-22, including 7 Graduate students.

To read our full list of scholarship recipients, read the Psi Upsilon Beacon: Scholarship Highlights

Graduate Scholarships

Lewis Finkelstein, Omicron 1983 Awards 
•Matthew Dickey, Zeta Zeta ’17 (UBC)
Doctor of Medicine – UBC  

•Don R. Nguyen, Epsilon Nu ’20 (Michigan State)
Master of Science in Global Health – Duke 

FishFund Awards
•Thomas Graham, Psi ’21 (Hamilton)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – Physics TBD  

• David L. Mealie, Epsilon Iota ’20 (RPI)
Masters of Aerospace Engineering RPI

Henry B. Poor, Gamma 1939 Awards
•Christina A. Del Carpio, Chi Delta ‘11 (Duke)
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – UCLA  

•Lorenzo Lindo, Zeta Zeta ’19 (UBC)
MSc Interdisciplinary Oncology
UBC Department of Medicine  

Psi Upsilon Foundation Graduate
Scholarship Award 2021
•Chris Kizer, Chi Delta ‘12 (Duke)
Master of Education in College Counseling and Student Development. NC State

Psi Upsilon was please to give out 34 scholarships ranging from $500 to $4,250 this year!

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Thank you to everyone who volunteered and assisted with the creation of this document.

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