Graduate Recipients:

Henry B. Poor, Gamma 1939 Award

•Julia Dennis Gamma Tau ’19
(Georgia Institute of Technology)

Lewis Finkelstein, Omicron 1983 Award

•Don Nguyen, Epsilon Nu ’20
(Michigan State University)

Psi Upsilon Foundation Graduate Scholarship Award 2020

•Christina A. Del Carpio, Chi Delta ’11,
(Duke University)

•Lorenzo Lindo, Zeta Zeta ’19
(University of British Columbia)

Undergraduate Recipients:

J.Russell McShane, Delta 1932 Award
•Jacob Cobankiat, Zeta Zeta ′21 (British Columbia)
•Harald Erici, Tau ′22 (Pennsylvania)

Henry B. Poor, Gamma 1939 Award
•Sameeha Hassan, Chi Delta ′20 (Duke)
•Stefan Ranoszek, Tau ′21 (Pennsylvania)

Gardner A. Callanen, Psi 1929 Award
•Andrew Charman, Psi ′21 (Hamilton)
•Samuel Vigneault, Psi ′21 (Hamilton)

Robert W. Parsons, Xi 1922 Award
•Esme Lytle, Xi ′21 (Wesleyan)

R. Timothy Leedy, Phi 1957 Award
•Jared Holmes, Zeta Zeta ′21 (British Columbia)

Albert C. Jacobs, Phi 1921 Award
• Charles Markham, Tau ′21 (Pennsylvania)
• Giovanni Palmieri, Sigma Phi ′21 (St. Francis)

Robert W. Morey, Pi 1920 Award
•Eric Potthast, Pi ′21 (Syracuse)

Benjamin T. Burton, Chi 1921 Award
•Justin Daul, Upsilon ′21 (Rochester)
•Jake Valensi, Psi ′22 (Hamilton)

R. DeWitt Wallace, Epsilon 1914 Award
•Solomon Kim, Lambda Sigma ′22 (Pepperdine)
•Leart Maloku, Zeta Zeta ′21 (British Columbia)

Francis C. Hardie, Omicron-Zeta 1918 Award
•Roberto Kern, Tau ′21 (Pennsylvania)
•Kyle Shope, Phi Nu ′21 (Christopher Newport)

William P. King, Omicron 1973 Award
•Joseph Finkelstein, Tau Epsilon ′21 (Clemson)

Jerome W. Brush, Jr., Delta Delta 1939 Award
•James Callahan, Beta Beta ′21 (Trinity)
•William Danon, Tau ′21 (Pennsylvania)

Michael D. Oberg, Theta Theta 1988 Award
•Kevin Bonetti, Zeta Zeta ′20 (British Columbia)

Paul D. Friday, Theta Theta 1927 Award
•Lucas Rempel, Zeta Zeta ′22 (British Columbia)
•Brendan Woodward, Zeta Zeta ′21 (British Columbia)

Eric W. Didul, Phi Beta 1990 Award
•Carrie Hunner, Chi Delta ′21 (Duke)

Earl D. Babst, Iota-Phi 1893 Award
•Michael O’Hare, Psi ′21 (Hamilton)
•Gianni Valentini, Beta Beta ′21 (Trinity)

The award of Psi Upsilon Foundation scholarships is based upon demonstrated achievement in the pursuit of moral, intellectual and social excellence. Awards include a minimum grant of $1,000 to be used in meeting the recipient’s qualified educational expenses. Awards in amounts greater than the minimum grant may be provided based upon a demonstration of financial need. Applicants are not required to demonstrate financial need in order to qualify for a minimum grant.

Members of all chapters, provisional chapters, owl clubs, and colonies are eligible to apply and shall be given due consideration without regard to race, creed, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, or other potentially discriminatory basis.

Named Scholarship Awards

These awards come from income generated from restricted funds:

Henry B. Poor, Gamma ’39 Award – unrestricted

Give to the Poor Scholarship Fund

Jonathan E. Persky, Omega ’85 Award – preference to an Omega undergraduate

Give to the Persky Scholarship Fund

Robert & Evelyn Kaiser Awards – restricted to Zeta undergraduates

Give to the Kaiser Education Fund

Lewis Finkelstein, Omicron ’83 Award – preference will be given to a brother from the Omicron Chapter first and those pursuing degrees in finance and accounting

Give to the Lewis Finkelstein Scholarship

These scholarships are funded each year by contributions to the Annual Fund:

J. Russell McShane, Delta ’32 Award – preference to a Delta undergraduate

Francis C. Hardie, Omicron-Zeta ’18 Awards (2) – unrestricted

Robert W. Parsons, Xi ’22 Award – unrestricted

Gardner A. Callanen, Psi ’29 Award – preference to a Psi undergraduate

Earl D. Babst, Iota-Phi ’93 Awards (2) – unrestricted

Albert C. Jacobs, Phi ’21 Award – unrestricted

R. DeWitt Wallace, Epsilon ’14 Award – unrestricted

Robert W. Morey, Pi ’20 Award – unrestricted

Benjamin T. Burton, Chi ’21 Awards (2) – unrestricted

Jerome W. Brush, Jr., Delta Delta ’39 Award – unrestricted

Gregg E. Rohlin, Phi ’83 Award – to a Phi undergraduate

R. Timothy Leedy, Phi ’57 Award – unrestricted

Curtis J. Rettke, Eta ’84 Award – to an Eta undergraduate

William P. King, Omicron ’73 Award – to an Omicron undergraduate

Salvatore L. Biardo, Omicron ’04 Award – to an Omicron undergraduate

Paul D. Friday, Theta Theta ’26 Award – unrestricted

Michael D. Oberg, Theta Theta ’88 Award – to a Theta Theta undergraduate

Eric W. Didul, Phi Beta ’90 Award – preference to a Phi Beta undergraduate

Delta Delta of Williams College Award(s) – to one or more sons or daughters of Delta Delta alumni attending Williams College

Psi Upsilon Foundation Grants

The Psi Upsilon Foundation makes grants to Psi Upsilon Fraternity to provide educational opportunities designed to reach every member in every chapter. These grants are funded by gifts to the Annual Fund and the income from restricted funds established for that purpose.

Psi Upsilon Foundation grants provide support for the Fraternity’s Chapter Leadership Program which includes:

Archons Academy

The Archons Academy is a three-day leadership seminar designed to help our undergraduate chief elected officers develop the skills necessary to become an effective leader. Participants have expressed overwhelming support for the opportunity to trade success stories and hear different approaches to resolving similar problems.

Topics include: goal setting, problem solving and conflict resolution, team building and motivation, leading an effective meeting and more.

This annual program is available to every archon from every chapter at no cost to the chapter.

Commitment to Excellence

Each chapter designs its own strategies and action plans to address its unique situation. Through retreats that examine personal values, leadership values and the values of Psi Upsilon Fraternity, alumni facilitators assist chapters in developing values-based strategies and act as mentors to individual members. Action plans with appropriate benchmarks and metrics establish chapter-specific goals that are monitored, reviewed and adjusted throughout the year.


Psi Upsilon makes GreekLifeEdu® available to every member in every chapter. This online, interactive program is designed to prevent or eliminate alcohol-related problems, hazing and sexual assault, and to help students make safer and healthier decisions.

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is held annually in conjunction with the Fraternity’s Convention and has become an integral part of the Fraternity’s effort to develop ethical leadership and promote moral, intellectual and social excellence. Topics include management, citizenship, community service, motivation, consensus building and academic development. The Leadership Institute provides undergraduates and alumni alike an opportunity to exchange ideas and solutions.

On Campus Consultations by Professional Staff

Written, Recorded & Video Educational Resources