Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Psi Upsilon Fraternity! There are many ways to engage with Psi Upsilon and continue help our fraternity grow and thrive.

Volunteers can help whether they give an hour a month, one day a year, or
much more. Sharing just a little bit of your time not only helps, but it teaches others the value of giving back.

Below is a list of different ways you can be involved. If you would like more information about a role, or are interested in getting more involved please fill out this form and we will be sure to follow up with you.


Chapter Involvement

All Chapters, Alumni Associations and Housing Corporations are independent, non-profit corporations. If you would like to become more involved in any of these, even if it is not your own chapter, we’re happy to assist and put you in touch with the officers of that organization.

Volunteer Roles

Content Creation

Are you a writer, photographer, or researcher? Donate your expertise to help produce content for our publications!

This network of photographers, writers, editors, journalists, bloggers, and researchers helps produce the content and documents events, preserving our Psi Upsilon heritage for posterity.

Digital Archive Project

Interested brothers help with the intake, tagging, sorting, and curation of converting our trove of artifacts in the Psi U archives into a form that can be enjoyed by all, and researching new ways to share our discoveries.

Spearheading the digitization of the archives, this task force of brothers with a love of the Fraternity’s history, convene to help guide the launch of the platform in 2020 and work with the third-party provider to ensure the best results & management of the content.


Operated by the Fraternity, mentors are matched with brothers (undergraduate and young graduates) seeking career guidance in related fields through the online platform.

Regional events and other virtual opportunities are scheduled throughout the year to educate brothers on various career related topics. 

Speaker Series

This network of connected brothers from throughout the country help host the speaker series events in their city as well as identify potential speakers.

Convening virtually periodically and working closely with staff on the logistics of the event, this group of volunteers make the networking events possible with their on-the-ground efforts to set up and promote events.

  • Volunteer to speak or help with our Speaker Series, either in person or via Zoom.
  • Help set up on the ground logistics, identify speakers and venues, and help find sponsors.

Appointed Committees

Awards and Recognition Committee

This Committee reviews the ways we recognize outstanding achievement in Psi Upsilon Fraternity – whether it is highlighting achievements of chapters, alumni associations, or individual members.

On a regular basis the committee reviews applications for awards, makes recommendations to the governing boards, and is tasked with finding new ways to acknowledge Psi Upsilon stories.

Investment Committee

Experienced investors both professionally and personally assist with the management of the Foundation’s endowment assets. The committee meets four times per year and makes

Regional events and other virtual opportunities are scheduled throughout the year to educate recommendations to the board of directors about positions to both protect the corpus deliver returns to support the Foundation.

Programming Committee

This group of brothers help guide the direction of existing programs as well as provide feedback around new concepts

Regional events and other virtual opportunities are scheduled throughout the year. Members bring their perspective from their chapter, school, and other organizations to help ensure Psi Upsilon is maximizing its impact and meeting the demands of the full brotherhood.

Scholarship Committee

One of the most central programs operated by the Foundation, this group is responsible for evaluating the undergraduate and graduate scholarships awarded annually. This group convenes remotely each spring after reading each application and providing feedback.

The group comes to consensus about the distribution of the award money and supports the outreach and encouragement to brothers to apply.

Elected Positions

Board of Directors of the Psi Upsilon Foundation

The Board of Directors of the Psi Upsilon Foundation have the responsibility to oversee the strategic direction and administration of the Foundation. Each person supports the Foundation as a top philanthropic priority and is also responsible for assisting with the Annual Fund and other fundraising efforts.

Executive Council of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity

The Executive Council members are the elected leaders of Psi Upsilon and govern the Fraternity between Conventions. Members are elected by a Convention and are then appointed to various Committees that align with their talent, knowledge, and passion.

Undergraduate Advisory Board

The two Chairmen of the Undergraduate Advisory Board are elected every year at the convention and serve for one year terms. They attend Executive Council Meetings as non-voting members. This helps facilitate an undergraduate voice on the Executive Council and to offer guidance on concerns of the undergraduate members of the fraternity. Often the UAB will work on a project over the course of the year of their own determination in addition to attending meetings.

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