2020 Social Impact Fellowship Applications Live!


 This new Fellowship is designed to support and inspire alumni brothers who are dedicated to the betterment of society and effective leadership. With the generosity of many donors, this new program provides a unique opportunity for brothers to engage and benefit from our Fraternity well beyond the years on a college campus. I hope you will explore the fellowship program further, consider applying or recommending a brother, and share this information with anyone you feel might be interested.


INDIANAPOLIS – One of the nation’s oldest fraternities has launched a new initiative to encourage members to pursue public service long after they leave college. The Psi Upsilon Foundation’s Social Impact Fellowship Program will provide up to $10,000 in annual grants for the professional development of leaders in social-impact driven professions.

“The world has changed a lot since Psi Upsilon was founded in 1833 and we face rapidly evolving challenges that have radical effects on people’s lives,” Foundation Chair Alex Senchak, Eta (Lehigh) ’06 said. “To confront those challenges, we need skilled leaders.

“Personal and organizational budgets – particularly those of community-based companies and organizations – are constrained, and we do not want a lack of financial resources to prevent a committed individual from seizing a professional development opportunity that will make them more effective.”

The fellowship program will help brothers transition into public service jobs and assume volunteer leadership positions at any point in their careers. Among other things, fellowship grants can be used to attend conferences, courses, and seminars to help build professional networks and gain corporate governance, financial management, strategic planning, fundraising, human resources, and conflict resolution skills. In addition to providing direct financial support, the fellowship program will visibly recognize brothers who are making outstanding contributions to society.

“Public service is a hallmark of Psi Upsilon,” Senchak said. “Our brothers have included presidents, prime ministers, Supreme Court justices, cabinet secretaries, diplomats, members of Congress and philanthropists, not to mention thousands of outstanding men and women who have taken on less visible, but highly significant leadership roles both professionally and as a volunteer in their communities. This important new initiative will ensure Psi Upsilon’s tradition of public service continues for many years to come.”

Fellowship applications will be available online on July 15, 2020, with a submission deadline of September 15, 2020. Recipients will be announced in October. Additional details are available at http://www.psiu.org/applications. For more information or questions, contact Bethann Taylor, Director of Administration at bethann@psiu.org or 317-571-1833 ext. 102.

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