2022 Edition of “Reflections: A Journal of Psi Upsilon History”

Reflections: A Journal of Psi Upsilon History is a publication of the Psi Upsilon Foundation focused on researching and highlighting the stories behind the members, buildings, artifacts, and traditions of our order as we approach two centuries of brotherhood. Focused both on historic accounts, new research, and history making brothers of the current day.

Evan W. Terry, Epsilon Phi ’93 (McGill University), committee chair, writes “

Greetings Brothers. Welcome to our second annual publication of Reflections.   In the past year the History and Archives committee has been busy working with the Fraternity’s archives, starting the process of cataloging our extensive collection.  Also, the committee was engaged in the planning, preparing, and execution of our Archives’ move to climate controlled storage.  We are currently working with leadership of the Fraternity and Foundation to secure a permanent location for the Psi U Archives.

   As the committee spent several weekends preparing Archives material to be moved, we were struck by the breadth and depth of its contents.  In addition to the Fraternity’s official historical record of meetings and conventions held, chapter petitions submitted, and many back issues of the Diamond, we discovered other artifacts of interest:  a set of Magic Lantern slides from 1913, multiple proposed Psi U songs from the early 20th century, 16mm film reels, and 35mm photographic slides.  Additionally, 100+ year old minute books from specific chapters and decades of Executive Council correspondence were carefully examined.  Previous generations both had the advantage of the bleeding edge technology of the day and a keen interest in preserving our Fraternity’s history and the committee is indebted to those who came before us for their diligence.

    I hope you enjoy this edition of Reflections, and that it prompts those of you with Psi U-related historical artifacts to preserve them.  Today’s events are tomorrow’s history, and future generations will appreciate insight into today’s fraternal experience.

Yours in the Bonds, 
Evan W. Terry, Epsilon Phi ‘93 (McGill)

This issue features:

•The Psi Upsilon Hose Company Eta Chapter, Lehigh University – By John Mathews, Eta ‘81 (Lehigh)

•Founding of the University Glee Club of NYC John Tempest Walker Jr. Lambda 1884 (Columbia) By John F.H. Ong, Gamma ‘82 (Amherst)

•The Occupation Of Berlin “Howlin’ Mad” Howley, Delta ‘25 (NYU) By Lawrence Tang, ESQ, Gamma Tau ‘01 (Georgia Tech)

•Psi Upsilon Legacies: The Terry Family Researched By Evan W. Terry, Epsilon Phi ‘93 (McGill)

•A Priceless Pi Artifact is Reborn! The stairwell at the Pi house is topped by a gorgeous stained glass dome. By Jim Cornacchia, Pi ‘86 (Syracuse)

•About Our Founders: Edward Martindale Theta 1836 (Union College) By Misi Coliadis, Theta Pi ‘13 (Georgia State)

Read it full screen or download the magazine at this link, or flip through it embedded below.

Thank you to committee members:

CHAIR – Evan W. Terry, Epsilon Phi ‘93 (McGill University)

Jonathan M. Chaffin, Gamma Tau ‘00 (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Gary W. Curzi, Epsilon Iota ‘89 (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Clifford J. Edmisten, Gamma Tau ‘00 (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Larry J. Lenick, Epsilon Nu ‘66 (Michigan State University)

John S. Mathews, Eta ‘81 (Lehigh University)

Joseph McCaskill, Chi Delta ‘00 (Duke University)

Alex Senchak, Eta ‘06 (Lehigh)

Paul H. Travis, Gamma Tau ‘01 (Georgia Institute of Technology)

And contributors:
Jonathan M. Chaffin, Gamma Tau ‘00 (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Melissa Coliadis, Theta Pi ‘13 (Georgia State University)

Robert B. Dorigo-Jones, Epsilon Nu ‘85 (Michigan State University)

Lawrence Tang, ESQ, Gamma Tau ‘01 (Georgia Institue of Technology)

James Sullivan, Psi ‘21 (Hamilton College)

We wish to recognize brother Cushing Donelan, Gamma ‘05 (Amherst College) & Donelan Family Wines for their generous support of “Reflections: A Journal of Psi Upsilon History”, of the Speaker Series, and of the programs of Psi Upsilon.


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