2023 March Challenge Sets New Records!

The 2023 March Challenge is one for the history books! 223 donors from 32 chapters helped us raise over $45,000!  THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the campaign so successful, especially those who made generous matching gifts:

  • Alex Senchak, Eta ’06 (Lehigh)
  • Garrett Gleim, Tau ’01 (Pennsylvania)
  • Larry Rakers, Omicron ’86 (Illinois)
  • Jeremy Mckeon, Eta ’08 (Lehigh)
  • Thomas Fox, Omicron ’00 (Illinois)
  • Jim Platner, Phi Delta (Mary Washington)
  • Earl Henry, Omicron ’69 (Illinois)
  • Patrick Gilrane, Psi ’83 (Hamilton)

In the end, something was achieved that was not expected: The Eta (Lehigh) and Omicron (Illinois) Chapters tied for first place, each having 38 donors when the campaign ended at Midnight Pacific Time! Rounding out the top 5 chapters were the Gamma Tau (Georgia Tech) with 37 donors, Omega (Chicago) with 20 donors, and Chi Delta (Duke) with 12 donors. But we wanted to point out that both the number of donors and the number of chapters participating are new records for the March Challenge!

2023 March Challenge Leaderboard at Midnight Pacific

And your gifts to this campaign truly make a difference – This campaign specifically raises money towards the Annual Fund that helps support the growth and expansion of Psi Upsilon Fraternity and, since we began it in 2020, it has allowed us to do a number of important things to better support our chapters. As a result of past March Challenges, we’ve been able to:

So thank you again to everyone who participated, helped spread the word and encouraged their brothers to give: we hope you all had some fun with the challenge. Your generosity will help Psi U grow! Again this achievement of raising over $45,000 is an amazing start to 2023!

While the challenge closed at Midnight Pacific on Monday, March 27th, you can still see the page here, the chapter leaderboard, who has contributed from your chapter (and people are still contributing, which we appreciate!)

Below are some of the images we shared throughout the 2023 March Challenge, and we just wanted to thank you all again for making this campaign so much fun and such a success!

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