Dignity U Program Now Available!

At the 27th Archons Academy one of the significant presentations offered was “Dignity U” keynoted by respected speaker, Mike Dilbeck (Sigma Nu Fraternity).

This program looks into how dignity impacts a person’s own thoughts and actions, in both their lives and in their respective organizations. A key component will be to demonstrate ways to intervene against the personal violations of someone’s dignity, while recognizing the difference made by respecting the dignity in others. So many issues our chapters and members are facing today are tied to dignity, how many issues could be prevented or minimized if members truly understood and committed to the understanding and honoring of the dignity of all persons. One of the most important elements of moral leadership is learning how to have civil discourse with others and, perhaps most importantly, to have such discourse when we may even disagree with the opinions and/or beliefs of others. 

Now, those not in attendance, can participate in this program!

Available through the Psi Upsilon Dignity U Portal you can take part in this interactive course and also access facilitator training videos, materials for three different length workshops, the main Dignity U video and several complementary resources. Just enter your email address and create an account!

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