Undergraduate Advisory Board accepting nominations

One important business item at our Convention is the election of two brothers to the Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB). This board serves to facilitate input from the undergraduate chapters to our Executive Council. UAB members serve on committees as well as attend all Executive Council meetings through the academic year. All costs associated with the position are covered by the International Office, we only ask that UAB members do their best to attend the Fall and Spring meetings in person.

While the UAB members are elected by the Psi U Convention, we are accepting applications in advance of the weekend that will be shared with the committee on Nominations and Credentials, and all brothers who apply for the position will have their information passed along to the elected members of the UAB to consult with over the course of the year.

If you are interested in being a member of the UAB please fill out an application here

From the Convention Rules:
Undergraduates desiring membership on the Executive Council must present a letter of under 500 words to the Nominations Committee before its first meeting.  The letter must state the candidate’s qualifications, including reasons for seeking election, positions held in chapter, college and community and other pertinent information.  An undergraduate need not attend the Convention to be considered for such office.  Only one applicant from any chapter will be considered by the Nominations Committee.  The Nominations Committee will select the five most qualified candidates to be presented to the Convention.  If a candidate serves on the Nominations Committee, he or she will be recused from the discussion.  If there are fewer than five candidates, the Nominations Committee shall present all candidates to the Convention.  At an appropriate time, the candidates will have an opportunity to address the Convention for a maximum of two minutes.  If a candidate is not present, a member of the Nominations Committee shall read the candidate’s letter to the Convention.  The Convention will then vote to elect two undergraduate members of the Executive Council by popular vote, with the third-highest recipient of votes to serve as an alternate undergraduate member of the Executive Council.

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