2021 Archons’ Academy Schedule of Events

Due to the Covid-19th pandemic and travel restrictions, holding an in-person Archons’ Academy is not possible this January. We strongly feel that it is important to still hold an event online to help new chapter presidents assume their position and lead their chapter. The advantage of this environment is that we can expand our reach and include other officers in the programming. The primary academy will take place on January 9th and then supplemental follow up sessions will occur in the evenings throughout the month of January. All sessions are open to any undergraduate and alumni advisor to participate and most will be recorded to be viewable later.

Like a typical year, certain participants will be required to attend, and chapters that properly participate will receive a discount on the 2021-22 Risk Management Assessment.

The schedule for the Academy, session descriptions and positions that are required to attend each session are below:

27th Archons’ Academy – Saturday, January 9th Noon until 6PM Eastern

At this session International Office staff will talk about our history and values and what they mean today; organizational leadership including harm-reduction practices and goal setting; and what we need from chapters regarding reporting and dates to keep in mind.

Every chapter Archon (President) and Angelos (Vice-President) is expected to attend this session.

“You Can Help: Mental Health and Wellness” – Monday, January 11th 7 until 8:30PM Eastern

Thea Zunick, Ed. D with the JED Foundation will be presenting a keynote that about the JED Foundation’s “You Can Help” Trainings which help students learn how to recognize and respond to signs of distress in their peers.  Every chapter and advisor will be provided materials after this session to allow them to bring this important program to their chapter and give them guided discussion points and a slide deck.

Required Attendees: 1st Angelos (Internal Vice President), Risk Manager, and Health & Wellness chair or equivalent if applicable.

“Budgets, Dues and 990s” – Tuesday, January 12th 7 until 8:30 PM Eastern

This training will give an overview of the role of the chapter treasurer: how to create a budget, best practices for collecting chapter dues, the role of fundraising in a chapter and some requirements that chapters may or may not be aware of. We’ll also review the fees and taxes to the International Fraternity, how they are assessed, and what they go towards.

Required Attendees: Thesauristes (Chapter treasurer)

“Philanthropy in a Remote Environment” – Thursday, January 14th 7 until 8:30 PM Eastern

Liam Moore, Director of Client Success at Crowdchange will review some best practices for fundraisers in an environment where in person events can’t take place and some helpful tools to assist chapters. We’ll also share some examples of successful Philanthropy and Service in this environment.

Required Attendees: Philanthropy and Service Chairs

“Dignity U” – Tuesday, January 19th 7 until 8:30 PM Eastern

The primary objective of DignityU is to identify and distinguish the essential elements of dignity, as distinguished by Dr. Donna Hicks, internationally renowned authority on dignity and expert consultant to DignityU. There is also a call to look in to how dignity impacts a person’s own thoughts and actions, in both their lives and in their respective organizations. More importantly, a key component will be to demonstrate ways to intervene against the personal violations of someone’s dignity, while recognizing the difference made by respecting the dignity in others.

This session is different than our other sessions and you MUST register in advance. To do so please use this link.

After this Keynote every chapter officer and adviser will be given resources to allow this workshop to be shared by the chapter.

Required Attendees: 2nd Angelos (External Vice President), New Member Educators, Social Chairman, and Risk Manager

“The Birkman Method” – Thursday, January 21st 7 until 8:30 PM Eastern

An exciting component of this years Archons’ Academy is the incorporation of the Birkman Method Personality Assessment. The Birkman Method reveals four key perspectives of every person: Motivation, Self-Perception, Social Perception, and Mindset. In understanding these perceptions and how they influence each other, individuals can better understand the emotions and actions that drive their life.

In the opening session we’ll be providing instructions to the chapter officers on how to complete this assessment and this follow up session we’ll be joined by Chris Woods, a partner at PLAID, who can explain the results and share some takeaways.

Required Attendees: Archon (President) and each Angelos (Vice-Presidents)

“Let’s Talk Recruitment!” – Tuesday, January 26th 7 until 8:30 PM Eastern

Zach Lepperd, Director for Fraternity Growth at Beta Theta Pi, will be joining us to discuss tips and tricks for recruiting in a virtual environment. All attendees are encourage Phired Up’s Digital Classrooms prior to attending this session.

Required Attendees: Officer in charge of supervising recruitment (1st or 2nd Angelos), Recruitment Chair, and any additional members of the Recruitment Team. We ask that at a minimum 2 members attend this session.

“Advice from an Archon” – Wednesday, January 27th 7 until 8:30 PM Eastern

We invited 3 former Archons to review a solution to a problem they faced Fall as well as offer advice to incoming chapter presidents. This session will be followed by a Q @ A for participants. This will replace the regular Archons Town Hall that would otherwise be occurring on this day and we’ll introduce New Archons to those as well.

Required Attendees: Archons

We are also finalizing a session that will have details announced soon, but will not occur before January 25th on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We will work with chapters if, at any session, a required attendee needs to be replaced by another brother, or if a chapter does not have a specific officer or chair elected at this time.

1.9.2021 – Archons’ Academy

1.9.2021 – Archons’ Academy

1.11.2021 – “You Can Help – Mental  Health and Wellness”

1.11.2021 – “You Can Help – Mental Health and Wellness”

1.12.2021 – Budgets, Dues, & 990s

1.12.2021 – Budgets, Dues, & 990s

1.14.2021 – “Philanthropy in a Remote  Environment”

1.14.2021 – “Philanthropy in a Remote Environment”

1.19.2021 – Dignity U

1.19.2021 – Dignity U

1.21.2021 – “The Birkman Method”

1.21.2021 – “The Birkman Method”

1.26.2021 – “Let’s Talk Recruitment”

1.26.2021 – “Let’s Talk Recruitment”

1.27.2021 – “Advice from an Archon – Archon Q&A”

1.27.2021 – “Advice from an Archon – Archon Q&A”


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