9.30.2020 – DignityU: Building Up or Tearing Down

IFC and Chapter Officers are encouraged to attend a free presentation of DignityU: Building Up or Tearing Down by Mike Dilbeck made possible thanks to the gracious support
of Sigma Nu Fraternity. (Particularly suggested for Chapter Officers; registration required.)

This is the first in a series of programming offered as a part of NIC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts. The primary objective of DignityU is to identify and distinguish the essential elements of dignity, as distinguished by Dr. Donna Hicks, internationally renowned authority on dignity and expert consultant to DignityU. There is also a call to look in to how dignity impacts a person’s own thoughts and actions, in both their lives and in their respective organizations.

More importantly, a key component will be to demonstrate ways to intervene against the personal violations of someone’s dignity, while recognizing the difference made by respecting the dignity in others.As a filmmaker and video producer for over 30 years, Mike produced a film in 2008 that would change the course of his career — and his life. RESPONSE ABILITY: A Call for Courageous Leadership, the award-winning educational program on bystander intervention for 40 organizations and over 300 college campuses, immediately became a distinct and special project.

This one struck a chord. This one caused a demand. This one sparked a movement. After 12 years of leading this movement for bystander empowerment — and personally surviving two types of cancer — Mike launched DignityU in 2018.

Here, Mike educates and empowers us all to make the choice in every interaction to build someone up rather than tear them down. To honor dignity — our inherent birthright to feel valuable and worthy.Learning Outcomes:As a result of attending the program, students will learn:
· How to define the term “dignity.”
· How to describe how dignity impacts their daily thoughts and actions.
· How to distinguish the essential elements of dignity
· How to identify ways the elements of dignity are violated. How to recognize the difference they can make for others by honoring their dignity

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