Psi Upsilon returning to William & Mary!

On Sunday, July 19th, the Executive Council formally recognized an Owl Club a William & Mary and announced the return at the 2020 Digital Summit. Owl Club is the term used to identify a group of uninitiated students who are looking to restart a dormant chapter of Psi Upsilon. This group of dedicated students has been working with the Phi Beta Alumni Association over the past few months to be able to position themselves for a successful return and plan to work with the College to gain recognition this next academic year.

After some years of dormancy the Alumni Association of the Phi Beta has become re-invigorated thanks to the work of Steve McCleaf, Phi Beta ’89, Christian Klein, Phi Beta ’92 and a number of other brothers leading to the successful cultivation of undergraduate members. In fact, for the Fiscal year 2020 Psi Upsilon had a the second highest percentage of alumni giving of any Greek Organization at William and Mary, in large part of the work of Jonathan Hollis, Phi Beta ’98, promoting the Psi Upsilon Counseling Fund which improves access to mental health services on campus. If you know of any undergraduates at the College of William and Mary that you think would make a great Psi U please let us know by filling out this link.

And if you would like to be involved and up to date with the activities of the Phi Beta Alumni Association please let us know by filling out our volunteer interest form and we’ll be happy to share your information with them.

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  1. Robert Edward McIntire

    Excellent news. William and Mary is a storied institution. It sounds as if there’s already an active alumni association.

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