2020 Impact Report

2020 Impact Report “A year of innovation bringing us together” – Published Feb. 2021

There is a lot to learn from the past year of transformation and innovation at the Foundation. These efforts are both years in the making as well as in reaction to the changes forced on all of us. The programmatic and communication expansion of the Foundation will stand as a new benchmark for years to come, a framework that impacts more brothers from more generations and will continue to provide new ways for us to be a Psi U for life. With these new programs, we all have learned some wonderful lessons about what our brothers are interested in, and how we can best engage them. I have the honor of listening to so many stories inspired by the excitement of learning about our new programs and content-rich publications. Our increasingly complex operations have only be made stronger by the strategic direction provided by the board and committees. This publication showcases our 2020 programs and bright future.

Read it full screen or download the magazine at this link, or flip through it embedded below.


Thank you to everyone who volunteered and assisted with the creation of this document.

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