The 155th Psi Upsilon Convention created the Distinguished Alumni Service Award to recognize those alumni whose service has brought honor to our fraternity. The following resolution created the award:

WHEREAS: The Psi Upsilon alumni have contributed to this fraternity with great generosity and selflessness; and

WHEREAS: The delegates of the 155th Convention would like to recognize alumni for their invaluable contributions, therefore be it

RESOLVED: That a Distinguished Alumni Service Award be created; and be it further

RESOLVED: That candidates will be considered for this award based on

a) a letter of recommendation written by a brother and reviewed by the Awards Committee, which explains the nominee’s service to the Fraternity, his chapter, his community and the great nations of the United States and Canada, and

b) The candidate’s fidelity and adherence to the values of Psi Upsilon as set forth in Article I, section 3 as well as the preamble of the Constitution of Psi Upsilon Fraternity.

Recommend an Alumnus for this Award

Beta Beta
Benjamin Williams, Beta Beta ’58 – Awarded in 2021

Eldred A. Halsey, Delta ’58 – Awarded in 2005

Delta Delta
William Wishard, Delta Delta ’64 – Awarded in 2017

Delta Phi
Jay LaPanne, Delta Nu ’89 – Awarded in 2018

Epsilon Nu
David H. Brogan, Epsilon Nu ’56 – Awarded in 2004
Bob Dorigo Jones, Epsilon Nu ’85 – Awarded in 2020

Epsilon Phi
David A. B. Brown, Epsilon Phi ’66 – Awarded in 2004

Gary Pan, Eta ’86 – Awarded in 2021

Gamma Tau
David A. Hollis, Georgia Tech ‘11 – Awarded in 2023
Jesse J. Scherer, Georgia Tech ‘05 – Awarded in 2023

Nu Alpha
Chuck M. Hall, Nu Alpha ’71, Gamma Tau ’91 (H) – Awarded in 2020

Joseph A. Miller, Omicron ’57 – Awarded in 2005
Bradley R. Corner, Omicron ’72 – Awarded in 2010
David P. Komie, Omicron ’92 – Awarded in 2010
Dean C. Marinakis, Omicron ’90 – Awarded in 2010
Robert “Bob” E. McIntire, Omicron ‘68 – Awarded in 2023

Charles A. Werner, Omega ’55 – Awarded in 2008

Earl Raynal, Phi ’81 – Awarded in 2009

John E. Becker, Psi ’61 – Awarded in 2010
Patrick Gilrane, Psi ’83 – Awarded in 2017

Charles “Chuck” Leicht, Rho ’67 – Awarded in 2019

Dr. Samuel Fager, Tau ’81H – Awarded in 2006
Philip Timon, Tau ’86 – Awarded in 2014

Theta Theta
Robert H. Philip, Theta Theta ’71 – Awarded in 2004

Richard Rasmussen, Upsilon ’72 – Awarded in 2014

Arthur H. Bowman, Xi ’31 – Awarded in 2004
James Killough, III, Xi ’57 – Awarded in 2012

Robert L. Kaiser, Zeta ’39 – Awarded in 2002
Evelyn M. Kaiser, Zeta ’85H – Awarded in 2002

Zeta Zeta
Barry Gough, Zeta Zeta ’62 – Awarded in 2009
Dennis Bralic, Zeta Zeta ’90 – Awarded in 2021

David A. Hollis, Georgia Tech ‘11

Jesse J. Scherer, Georgia Tech ‘05 ’72

Robert “Bob” E. McIntire, Omicron ‘68

Patrick Gilrane, Psi ’83

Gary Pan, Eta ’86

Chuck M. Hall, Nu Alpha ’71, Gamma Tau H’91

David P. Komie, Omicron ’92

Bradley R. Corner, Omicron ’72

Barry Gough, Zeta Zeta ’62

Charles A. Werner, Omega ’55

Arthur H. Bowman, Xi ’31

Robert L. Kaiser, Zeta ’39,
Evelyn M. Kaiser, Zeta ’85H

Earl Raynal, Phi ’81

Jay LaPanne, Delta Nu ’89

Eldred A. Halsey, Delta ’58

Richard Rasmussen, Upsilon ’72

Philip Timon, Tau ’86

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