The History and Archives committee is working on a virtual representation of all inscriptions in Heritage Square. They are laid out roughly in Chapter Roll order.

Heritage Square Flags

Heritage Square is ringed with flagpoles representing each chartered chapter of Psi Upsilon. Each chapter and alumni association has an opportunity to fly the flag of its school or chapter through a contribution to the Annual Fund. 
Beginning with the 2022 Convention all flags which have been endowed will be displayed in the convention space at the hotel, when possible…this will be a year by year decision.

Listed below are those benefactors who have endowed a flagpole:

Delta (New York University)
Delta Corporation
Omega (University of Chicago)
Samuel J. Tinaglia, Omega ’88
Mark D. Bauer, Omega ’83
Other Omegas
 Epsilon Phi (McGill University)
John E. Cleghorn, Epsilon Phi ’62
David A. B. Brown, Epsilon Phi ’66
Gamma (Amherst College)
Gamma Chapter Corporation
Pi (Syracuse University)
John F. Thomas, Pi ’66
Epsilon Omega (Northwestern University)
Jack Lageschulte, Epsilon Omega ’59
Zeta (Dartmouth College)
Zeta Alumni Corporation
Bob & Evelyn Kaiser
Rho (University of Wisconsin)
Rho Alumni of Psi Upsilon
Nu Alpha (Washington and Lee University)
Psi Upsilon Fraternity Executive Council  in honor of Charles M. Hall, Nu Alpha ’71
Lambda (Columbia University)
Charles C. Abut, Lambda ’65
Murray L. Eskenazi, Lambda ’56
Charles J. Aitcheson, Lambda ’56
Carl E. Klotz, Lambda ’61
Lambda Association of Psi Upsilon
Tau (University of Pennsylvania)
Psi Upsilon of Philadelphia
Gamma Tau (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Flagpole endowed in 2015 by:
Psi U of Georgia
Kappa (Bowdoin College)
Kappa Chapter
Mu (University of Minnesota)
John E. Schwarz, Mu ’54
Richard B. Schwarz, Mu ’58
James Schwarz, Mu ’51
Epsilon Iota (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Psi Upsilon Alumni Association of Troy
Psi (Hamilton College)
Jeb and Diana Becker, Psi ’61
Epsilon (University of California at Berkeley)
Charles W. Hammond, Epsilon ’45
Gilman B. Haynes, Epsilon ’45
Beta Kappa (Washington State University)
Mr. And Mrs. Richard Musella in honor of John Musella, Beta Kappa ’98
Upsilon (University of Rochester)
Psi U of Western NY
Omicron (University of Illinois)
Timothy T. Miller, Omicron ’80
Robert S. Petersen, Omicron ’68
Bradley R. Corner, Omicron ’72
Joseph J. Hudson, Omicron ’86
William P. King, Omicron ’73
Roe E. Mallstrom, Omicron ’51
Omicron Alumni Association
Alpha Omicron (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
The Alpha Omicron Chapter
Iota (Kenyon College)
Marian Segur and Family in memory of Phelps D. Segur, Iota ’71
Henry B. Poor, Gamma ’39

Delta Delta (Williams College)
Robert C. Nevin, Delta Delta ’62
Percy L. Nelson, Delta Delta ’44
John H. Logie, Delta Delta/Phi  ’61
Thomas D. Kent, Delta Delta ’51
Charles M. Wilds, Delta Delta ’40
Alexander J. Robertson, Delta Delta ’52
David S. Wilcox, Delta Delta ’51
Wilson B. Prophet, Delta Delta ’43
J. Warren Young, Delta Delta ’58
James P. Evans, Delta Delta ’62
Stephen G. Murphy, Delta Delta ’50
Robert C. MacPherson, Delta Delta ’47
John A. Cooper, Delta Delta ’39
Peter J. Whitney, Delta Delta ’55
Donald P. Gamble, Delta Delta ’45
James L. Worrall, Delta Delta ’65
Hon Charles Clapp, Delta Delta ’45
Phi Nu (Christopher Newport University)
Flagpole endowed in March 2016  by:
Anthony Baranik, Phi Nu ‘14
Austin Bring, Phi Nu ‘13
Matthew Deworken, Phi Nu ‘11
Ben Gittinger, Phi Nu ‘11
Alex Mangano , Phi Nu ‘11
G. Matt Miller, Phi Nu ‘11
Ryan Moore, Phi Nu ‘11
Jack Potthast, Phi Nu 13
Reed Ruddy, Phi Nu ‘11
Phi (University of Michigan)
Phi Alumni Corporation
Theta Theta (University of Washington)
Psi Upsilon Alumni Association of Washington
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