The Outstanding Junior Award is decided by each chapter as they choose the brothers, in the
junior class as they rise to a senior, that best exemplify the values of Psi Upsilon Fraternity: Lifelong Friendship, Moral Leadership, Intellectual Engagement, Responsible Social Conduct, and Service to Society. Congratulations to the 2020 Outstanding Juniors and thank you for the contributions to Psi Upsilon and your chapters.

2020 Outstanding Juniors

•          Delta – Karren Angel Cao

•          Zeta – Michael Tellini

•          Psi – Thomas Graham

•          Xi – Esme Lytle

•          Upsilon – Roy Krishnan

•          Phi – Joesph Cobau

•          Omega – Alexander Kamal

•          Pi – Juan Arias

•          Beta Beta – James Callahan

•          Eta – Luke Christman

•          Tau – Jack Silver

•          Rho – Toyoto Borgmann

•          Omicron – Eric Hypke

•          Zeta Zeta – Seoho Choi

•          Epsilon Nu – Max Carey

•          Gamma Tau – Ashwin Ganeshan

•          Chi Delta – Carrie Hunner

•          Epsilon Iota – Evan Spoor

•          Phi Delta – Ryan Kohler

•          Lambda Sigma – Adam Williams

•          Alpha Omicron – Tyler Wetherell

•          Sigma Phi –  Giovanni Palmieri

•          Phi Nu – Alex Dutt

•          Tau Epsilon – Shane Donahue

•          Delta Omicron Provisional – Nikolas Damalas

nominate your candidates below:

The Psi Upsilon Outstanding Junior Award is based on the recipient’s exemplification of the following values which embody our Fraternity:

(from the Constitution of Psi Upsilon Fraternity)


We who are or were students in universities and colleges throughout the United States and Canada and who believe in similar principles of life and standards of human conduct consider that the existence of a fraternal bond among us is eminently calculated best to promote our educational achievements, the development of our personal character and happiness and the overall interests of the universities and colleges of which we are a part. We believe further that we may thereby better contribute to a continual improvement and expansion of the educational system of these two great nations.


The objects of this Fraternity for which we stand united are (1) to make a significant contribution to the colleges and universities with which its undergraduate and alumni members are associated, to the communities in which its members reside, and to the great countries of the United States of America and Canada; (2) to promote the adoption of significant life goals by its members, together with plans for their fulfillment; (3) the promotion of the highest moral, intellectual, and social excellence and educational standards in all its members; and (4) the union of all its members in a firm and enduring friendship and true brotherhood for life.

(from the purposes and goals of The Psi Upsilon Foundation, Inc.)

“…to provide intellectual guidance and encouragement to undergraduate and graduate students…”

“…to provide encouragement of and promotion of scholarship, character, and morality of students…” 

Every chapter should meet and vote on its recipient. There can only be one Outstanding Junior in every chapter, while the chapter decides who receives this prestigious award they must be of the class of 2021.

Nominations must be returned to the International Office no later than April 15, 2020 and can be submitted below:

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