A Fellowship for Leadership Development for the Common Good

Beginning in 2020, the Psi Upsilon Foundation is launching a new fellowship program for alumni brothers who are dedicating their professional and personal lives to improving our communities and society. The fellowship aims to highlight their service to society, support their development of effective leadership skills, and inspire others to contribute to the common good.

Nominations of brothers may be made any time of the year and applications are open July 15 – September 15th with the awards announced in October.


More details can be found at the Frequently Asked Questions page

Types of Fellows:

Honorary Fellows:

This distinctive fellowship is reserved for accomplished individuals from all walks of life who are intentionally using their talents their force for good in their communities and beyond. Honorary Fellows receive the accolades of the Foundation without any condition and are provided the opportunity to inspire others through a speech at the awards event and announce the Foundation’s Fellows.

General Fellows:

The Foundation bestows fellowships upon candidates’ dedicated to a cause for the “common good” as well as their demonstrated leadership capacity that can be honed by an opportunity to develop their skills. These awards carry funding as well as distinctive honors from the Foundation.

Nominate a Brother:

Do you know someone who fits the profile and may benefit from the proceeds of the fellowship? Nominate them below and our team will connect with them to encourage them to consider the fellow.

Apply for a fellowship:

the deadline for the 2022 Fellowship Program is September 15th. Candidates will need to provide brief biographical information, statement of purpose, description of how they plan to use the fellowship, and a letter of recommendation.

The Fund for the Fellowship:

The Psi Upsilon Foundation has formed a restricted fund within the endowment to fund the Fellowship. Donations to the fellowship fund are used to support the grants made to brothers receiving the fellowship. Brothers may make multi-year pledges to the Fund or outright gifts that will benefit the program.

Donate to Support the Fellowship. Opportunities are available to name a fellowship in honor of a person or group. To discuss a named fellowship opportunity, contact Foundation Chair, Alex Senchak.

The Steering Committee

  • Committee Chair: Christian Brydges, Nu ’95 (the University of Toronto)
  • Christian A. Klein, Phi Beta ’92 (College of William & Mary)
  • Gary Pan, Eta ’86 (Lehigh)
  • Alex Senchak, Eta ’06 (Lehigh)
  • Jonathan Chaffin, Gamma Tau ’00 (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Contact Information:

For questions or concerns about applying for the Fellowship, please contact Bethann Taylor, Director of Administration at the Foundation.