Oct. 23 – 2020 Fall Psi Upsilon Awards Celebration

Founder’s Society and distinguished brothers of Psi Upsilon are invited to gather virtually to honor and celebrate the 2020 awardees and those whose generosity contributed to their awards.

Friday, October 23rd, 2020. 4:30-6:30 EST

Join us for awards presentation and keynote speakers, with optional meet and greet before and breakout cocktail hour to follow.


Friday, October 23, 2020 via Zoom

Optional Meet and Greet – 4:15–4:30 PM EST
Keynotes, and Presentation of Awards – 4:30–5:30 PM EST
Cocktail Hour – 5:30–6:30 PM EST

Recipients of awards from 175th Convention

Ambassador Robert Beecroft 
Tau ‘62 (Pennsylvania)
Robert Mason Beecroft retired from the U.S. Foreign Service in 2006 as a Career Minister-Counselor. Between 2009 and 2016, he returned to the State Department as a Supervisory Senior Inspector, leading inspections of U.S. diplomatic operations in Kuwait, Syria, Taiwan, Vietnam, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and four bureaus at Department headquarters. In 2011, he produced a report for the American Academy of Diplomacy on the professional education and training of American Foreign Service Officers.

In 2015, he and the late Ambassador Princeton Lyman co-authored a paper for the U.S. Institute of Peace, analyzing the roles and effectiveness of U.S. special envoys in American diplomacy.

From 2004 to 2006, Ambassador Beecroft was a Professor of National Security Strategy at the U.S. National War College in Washington. In 2001-04, he served as Ambassador and Head of the OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a staff of 800 civilian and military personnel from thirty countries. Earlier (1996-7), he served at U.S. Embassy Sarajevo as Special Envoy for the Bosnian Federation and Chargé d’Affaires. Other diplomatic assignments included: the U.S. Mission to NATO in Brussels; the SALT TWO U.S.-Soviet nuclear arms negotiations in Geneva; NATO military headquarters (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium; and the U.S. Embassies in Paris, Bonn, Cairo, Ouagadougou and Amman, the latter two as Deputy Chief of Mission. In Washington, he was Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Officer-in-Charge of Federal German Affairs, and nuclear arms control specialist in the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs. He is a recipient of two personal and four group Superior Honor Awards.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Paris, the University of Strasbourg, and the Goethe-Institut in Munich, Amb. Beecroft served in the U.S. Army Reserve (1965-70) as a medical corpsman and Civil Affairs officer. His nonprofessional interests include travel, classical music (listening and performing) and U.S. Civil War history. He and the former Mette Louise Ording Ottesen, Ph.D., have been happily married vagabonds since 1966. As a volunteer and the co-founder of the Family Liaison Office at State, Mette has worked to safeguard and improve the quality of life of Foreign Service employees and their families worldwide. She has received a Superior Honor Award and other State Department citations for her work. Their two grown children, Christopher and Pamela, are also active in international affairs, with a focus on human rights and development.

Morris Wolff
Gamma ‘58 (Amherst)
Morris Wolff is a distinguished lawyer and law professor. He is a cum laude graduate of Amherst College and of the Yale Law School, where he studied international law. Morris practiced international law and trial law in Philadelphia from 1970 to 1993 as a partner with the Honorable Harold E. Stassen, former Governor of Minnesota and one of the five original signers of the United Nations Charter. During that period, Morris was also a Professor of International Law and Ethics at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and served for two years as the Chief Assistant District Attorney of the City of Philadelphia.

In March of 1983 Morris was asked by Guy von Dardel of Stockholm, Sweden, half-brother of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, to sue the Soviet Union to force them to release his brother Raoul. This resulted in his authoring a book entitled “Whatever Happened to Raoul Wallenberg” which tells the Wallenberg story of heroic life saving work in Hungary and reports on Morris's pro bono effort in US Federal Court in Washington DC to achieve this rescue. He began the TAKE A BROTHER program of Philadelphia which was committed to saving hundreds of young people from injustice within the justice system. The genius of the program involved matching little boys in trouble with the law to outstanding high school boys in the neighborhood in a mentorship fashion. Wolff partnered with his wife Patricia, going into the public high schools to find these outstanding boys to lead these wayward boys away from the life of crime. The program awarded the high school boys with college scholarships. Wolff explains that in Philadelphia at this time, many young kids were pushed through the justice system without much of a chance to learn, grow, and become future contributing members to society. The innovative program received a Points of Light award from President George H. W. Bush. Morris was the recipient of the 2020 David A.B. Brown, ΕΦ ’66, Distinguished Alumnus Award. Morris currently resides in Florida.


Proud to recognize Psi Upsilon Achievement in all forms.
AWARDEES by Awards

2020 Psi Upsilon Social Impact Honorary Fellow

2020 Psi Upsilon Social Impact Fellows

Awarding of David A.B. Brown Award to Morris Wolff
Psi U Today - A Lifetime of Serving Society - Morris Wolff, Gamma ’58 (Amherst) 

Recognition of Distinguished Alumni Service Awardees

George L. Howell, Eta ‘55 Philanthropist Award

2020 Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Henry B. Poor, Gamma 1939 Award
•Julia Dennis, Gamma Tau ‘19
(Georgia Institute of Technology)

Psi Upsilon Foundation Graduate Scholarship Award 2020
•Christina A. Del Carpio, Chi Delta ‘11,
(Duke University)

J.Russell McShane, Delta 1932 Award
•Jacob Cobankiat, Zeta Zeta ‘21 (British Columbia)
• Harald Erici, Tau ‘22 (Pennsylvania)

Henry B. Poor, Gamma 1939 Award
• Sameeha Hassan, Chi Delta ‘20 (Duke)
• Stefan Ranoszek, Tau ‘21 (Pennsylvania)

Gardner A. Callanen, Psi 1929 Award
• Andrew Charman, Psi ‘21 (Hamilton)
• Samuel Vigneault, Psi ‘21 (Hamilton)

Robert W. Parsons, Xi 1922 Award
• Esme Lytle, Xi ‘21 (Wesleyan)

R. Timothy Leedy, Phi 1957 Award
• Jared Holmes, Zeta Zeta ‘21 (British Columbia)

Albert C. Jacobs, Phi 1921
• Charles Markham, Tau ‘21 (Pennsylvania)
• Giovanni Palmieri, Sigma Phi ‘21 (St. Francis)

Robert W. Morey, Pi 1920 Award
• Eric Potthast, Pi ‘21 (Syracuse)

Benjamin T. Burton, Chi 1921 Award
• Justin Daul, Upsilon ‘21 (Rochester)
• Jake Valensi, Psi ‘22 (Hamilton)

Lewis Finkelstein, Omicron 1983 Award
•Don Nguyen, Epsilon Nu ‘20
(Michigan State University)

Psi Upsilon Foundation Graduate Scholarship Award 2020
•Lorenzo Lindo, Zeta Zeta ‘19
(British Columbia University)

R. DeWitt Wallace, Epsilon 1914 Award
• Solomon Kim, Lambda Sigma ‘22 (Pepperdine)
• Leart Maloku, Zeta Zeta ‘21 (British Columbia)

Francis C. Hardie, Omicron-Zeta 1918 Award
• Roberto Kern, Tau ‘21 (Pennsylvania)
• Kyle Shope, Phi Nu ‘21 (Christopher Newport)

William P. King, Omicron 1971 Award
• Joseph Finkelstein, Tau Epsilon ‘21(Clemson)

Jerome W. Brush, Jr., Delta Delta 1939 Award
• James Callahan, Beta Beta ‘21 (Trinity)
• William Danon, Tau ‘21(Pennsylvania)

Michael D. Oberg, Theta Theta 1988 Award
• Kevin Bonetti, Zeta Zeta ‘20 (British Columbia)

Paul D. Friday, Theta Theta 1927 Award
• Lucas Rempel, Zeta Zeta ‘22 (British Columbia)
• Brendan Woodward, Zeta Zeta ‘21 (British Columbia)

Eric W. Didul, Phi Beta 1990 Award
• Carrie Hunner, Chi Delta ‘21 (Duke)

Earl D. Babst, Iota-Phi 1893 Award
• Michael O’Hare, Psi ‘21 (Hamilton)
• Gianni Valentini, Beta Beta ‘21 (Trinity)

2019-2020 Griffin Award for Senior Excellence Recipients

Delta - Raymond Lee

Zeta - Saheer Mathrani

Psi - Tristan Chaix

Xi - Wei-Ling Carrigan

Upsilon - Mahlon Schaffer

Phi - Serge Albarian

Omega - Payton Jancsy

Pi - Anthony Licata

Beta Beta - Alexander Herbst

Eta - Matt Hamati

Tau - Eddie Hammond

Rho - Neil Outarsingh

Omicron - Brad Martisauski

Theta Theta – Israel Sixto-Sanchez

Zeta Zeta - Saul D Morales

Epsilon Nu - Jimmy Pierce

Gamma Tau - Blake Ballew

Chi Delta - Sameeha Hassan

Epsilon Iota - Brian McGrath

Phi Delta - Kyle Ortiz

Lambda Sigma - Grayson Beeman

Alpha Omicron - Anthony Anderson

Sigma Phi -  Elliot Biddle

Delta Nu – Michael Fremeau

Phi Nu - Cameron Ogren

Tau Epsilon - Taylor Griffin

Delta Omicron Provisional - Lucca McKay

2019-2020 Outstanding Junior Recipients

Delta - Karren Angel Cao

Zeta - Michael Tellini

Psi - Thomas Graham

Xi - Esme Lytle

Upsilon - Roy Krishnan

Phi - Joesph Cobau

Omega - Alexander Kamal

Pi - Juan Arias

Beta Beta - James Callahan

Eta - Luke Christman

Tau - Jack Silver

Rho - Toyoto Borgmann

Omicron - Eric Hypke

Zeta Zeta - Seoho Choi

Epsilon Nu - Max Carey

Gamma Tau - Ashwin Ganeshan

Chi Delta - Carrie Hunner

Epsilon Iota - Evan Spoor

Phi Delta - Ryan Kohler

Lambda Sigma - Adam Williams

Alpha Omicron - Tyler Wetherell

Sigma Phi -  Giovanni Palmieri

Phi Nu - Alex Dutt

Tau Epsilon - Shane Donahue

Delta Omicron Provisional - Nikolas Damalas

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