Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Psi Upsilon promotes the highest level of moral, intellectual, and social excellence, which includes fostering an environment of respectful and civil discourse, and encouraging each member to use their individual talents and abilities for the benefit of the Fraternity, campus life, and society.

Identifying diversity is to recognize the differences and similarities in the characteristics and attributes that make each one of us unique. These can include, but are not limited to, an individual’s; race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, physical ability, age, school of political thought or socioeconomic background. Diversity can also encompass where people are from, where they have lived, and differences in their core beliefs and life experiences.

Diversity in our membership does not threaten our common bonds, but rather leads to a richer dialogue between members, yields a deeper and more meaningful college experience, and provides greater opportunities for our members’ individual personal growth.

Brothers are expected to reach out to those who share the values of Psi Upsilon, and to harness our membership’s differing talents and passions to improve the chapter, their campus, and themselves.

Adopted by the Executive Council of Psi Upsilon 6/6/18

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