Psi Upsilon Policies


New Member Reports, Membership Fees, and Badges

New Member Reports

The New Member Report is the critical first step in obtaining accurate information about our members. As an incentive for the timely submission of the New Member Report, College Tablets and pledge pins are shipped to the chapter without charge.  If the New Member Report is submitted late; i.e., after the pledge has been initiated, the chapter or individual may purchase the College Tablet for $25 and a pledge pin for $10.

Membership Fee

Psi Upsilon’s Constitution provides that membership in a chapter and payment to the International Fraternity of the initiation fee, constitutes membership in the Fraternity.  Stated differently, if the membership fee is not paid, the initiate is not a member of Psi Upsilon and runs the risk of being stricken from the rolls.  The Membership Fee is due at the time of initiation and in order to encourage prompt payment of the Membership Fee, Psi Upsilon provides a badge and certificate for each brother whose initiation is reported, and whose membership fee is paid, on a timely basis.


In order to receive badges and membership certificates on a complementary basis, a brother’s initiation be must be reported and the membership fee paid, during the fiscal year in which he is initiated.  Psi Upsilon’ s fiscal year ends on June 30.  A brother whose initiation fee is paid after June 30 may receive a badge and certificate upon payment of $65.00.

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