Spring 2023 Garnet Report Published

The Psi Upsilon Foundation published their 2023 Garnet Report, an annual publication reviewing programs of the Foundation and a listing on contributers to the Annual Fund.

Articles Include:

  1. The Scholarship Announcement Keynote presentation by Mark DiPasquale, Pi ’88 (Syracuse)
  2. The President’s Circle Annual Giving recognition
  3. Announcing Jay Riemenschnieder, Beta Alpha ’90 (Miami Ohio) joining the Foundation Staff
  4. Foundation Grants and Stipends
  5. Creation of the Charles Hall, Nu Alpha ’71 (Washington & Lee) Fund
  6. The 2023 Fishfund Venture Summit
  7. Donors to the 2022 Annual Fund

You can view the Spring 2023 Garnet Report online here.

All donors who are a Gold Member of the Founder’s Society and above receive printed copies of all the Psi Upsilon Foundation Publications – if you would like to make your gift and support Psi Upsilon please do so here.

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