Zeta Undergrad helps raise $222,000+ for Frontline Worker PPE

Sophomore Sacha Pritzker, Zeta ’22 (Dartmouth), helped found Fuel Our Heroes, an organization that has raised over $222,000 for PPE for frontline workers fighting COVID-19. Several other brothers have also participated in the effort, spearheading local campaigns.
Fuel Our Heroes

In their own words:
“Previous generations were asked to fight on the beaches at Normandy and risk their lives to protect those overseas. This is our generation’s war and to do our part, we’ve been instructed to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, there are still heroes fighting for our protection and risking their lives on the front lines. Our doctors, nurses, and medical staff are sacrificing everything, day after day, to prevent the proliferation of this virus ravaging cities around the world. Let’s do our part to support our modern day heroes and our fight by providing them with groceries, gas, and personal protective equipment for healthcare workers on the front lines.”

Fuel Our Heroes” has been fueled by the donations of college kids themselves. It’s designed to meet the needs of medical workers, like gas cards and other donations. They partnered with UCLA Health for 501c3 status.
There are branches of the project popping up in many major cities.

The money raised goes to the purchase of Personal Protective Equipment, gas cards, and groceries for frontline workers.
See a video interview with brother Pritzker and co-founder Alexander Klein that aired on Fox LA

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