Alumni Profile: James “Jim” Pugliese, Tau ’78 (Penn)

The “Diamond” of 1979 records James ”Jim” M. Pugliese, Tau ’78 (University of Pennsylvania) was an early contributor to Psi Upsilon international, starting a tradition of giving that has lasted from his time as a new graduate to the present.

While at Penn, in additional to being an active brother of Psi Upsilon, Jim joined the track team and competed in the Decathlon. Upon graduating from the Wharton School of Business Jim returned to Samford, CT to join the family business while at the same time pursuing his MBA.

For 14 years he built up the company and spent 6 of those years as president. During that time he joined the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and has remained an active member ever since. In 1993 he sold the business and went into work as a Corporate development officer where he began a career in the insurance industry. After 20 years of being president and CEO of various companies Jim began his current role and transitioned to the Securities industry. “Best part is that, 40 years after graduating from Penn, I just joined [Stonegate Capital Partners,] the Dallas-based securities firm of one of my Psi U/Castle brothers [Jessie Shelmire, Tau ’79], and couldn’t be happier that we’ve reconnected and are working together.  Truly amazing, in my opinion, and it just shows that the bonds of Psi U are amazingly strong!”

This picture was taken Jan. 14, 2021 at the top of Deer Valley – Jesse Shelmire ’79, Jim Pugliese ’78, John Hansford ’79, and Dick Urankar ’78.

Throughout his life Psi Upsilon has remained a constant. Jim attended reunions over the years for brothers of the late 70’s chapters and “each time was a wonderful experience.” He donated generously both to his home chapter and to Psi Upsilon International over the years. Jim, along with three of his brothers from the Tau, have a regular tradition of ski trips to recreate a shared undergraduate trip to Aspen in 1977.

“It’s a cliche, but its true that you will get out of Psi U what you put into it, so I urge brothers to take some time to attend events, support the Foundation, and stay in touch with your brothers.  There are few relationships and experiences in our lives that are as fulfilling!”

In his private life, Jim spends time for with amazing family including his wife Anne and children Caroline, Catherine, and Andrew. Anne attended the University of Florida and has remained a lifelong Gators fan. All of their children have grown and graduated college. While none attended Penn for their higher education, all of them have visited the Castle (the nickname for the Psi U house on Penn campus) and know the deep meaning it holds for Jim. Nowadays Jim and Anne split their time between Florida and Connecticut. Unity Church in Delray, Florida, plays an important part of their life and was originally founded by Anne’s family. In his private time Jim plays tennis and golf and has a pilot’s license.

Jim has recently increased his role at the International level still further, taking on this new role on the Investment Committee of the Psi Upsilon Foundation. Jim brings a wealth of experience to the table. With his history as a President and CEO along with his securities background it is easy to see how much experience brings to the team. Jim is specifically looking at financial products and services that may benefit the Foundation and be a fundraising effort for the Foundation.

You can learn more about Jim from his LinkedIN profile here.