History & Archives committee releases “Reflections: A Journal of Psi Upsilon History”

Reflections: A Journal of Psi Upsilon History is a publication of the Psi Upsilon Foundation focused on researching and highlighting the stories behind the members, buildings, artifacts, and traditions of our order as we approach two centuries of brotherhood. Focused both on historic accounts, new research, and history making brothers of the current day.

The History and Archives Committee formed in early 2021 to implement new ways to research and share the stories and achievements of Psi Upsilon brothers. This yearly publication is one such endeavor. The committee hopes to create opportunities for our brothers to discover, explore, and celebrate our Fraternity’s history. Our archives in Indianapolis contain many historical documents and artifacts that stretch from the founding in 1833 to the present day, and in our membership there are hundreds of fascinating stories that link Psi U’s to the history of the United States and Canada.

Evan W. Terry, Epsilon Phi ’93 (McGill University), committee chair, writes “I hope that you are as excited as I am to embark on this journey through our history and to discover, document, and circulate the history of Psi U. I’m sure there will be many wonderful and inspiring surprises along the way.”
This issue features:

• “About Our Founders: Reverend Samuel Goodale, Theta 1836 (Union College)”
• Articles about the Epsilon Nu chapter house “The Epsilon Nu Chapter’s Connection To a “Miracle” That Happened During the Bubonic Plague” and “Direct from the Archives: The Pattengill Memorial Chapter Room ” •”When It Came To Sports, Amos Was No Dummy!” – Amos Alonso Stagg, Beta 1888 (Yale University)
•Oral History: “Catching Up With the First Female President of A Psi Upsilon Chapter” Dr. Patricia “Barney” Geller, Ed.D, Kappa ‘75 (Bowdin)
• “From Combat Medic to Medical Research: Dr. Robert “Bob” J. Samp, Rho ‘49 (University of Wisconsin)”
• “As Capable as Bob Kamm”: About Founding Member of NASA Robert W. Kamm, Delta ‘39 (New York University)”

Read it full screen or download the magazine at this link, or flip through it embedded below.

Thank you to committee members:

CHAIR – Evan W. Terry, Epsilon Phi ‘93 (McGill University)

Jonathan M. Chaffin, Gamma Tau ‘00 (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Gary W. Curzi, Epsilon Iota ‘89 (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Clifford J. Edmisten, Gamma Tau ‘00 (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Larry J. Lenick, Epsilon Nu ‘66 (Michigan State University)

John S. Mathews, Eta ‘81 (Lehigh University)

Joseph McCaskill, Chi Delta ‘00 (Duke University)

Alex Senchak, Eta ‘06 (Lehigh)

Paul H. Travis, Gamma Tau ‘01 (Georgia Institute of Technology)

And contributors:
Jonathan M. Chaffin, Gamma Tau ‘00 (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Melissa Coliadis, Theta Pi ‘13 (Georgia State University)

Robert B. Dorigo-Jones, Epsilon Nu ‘85 (Michigan State University)

Lawrence Tang, ESQ, Gamma Tau ‘01 (Georgia Institue of Technology)

James Sullivan, Psi ‘21 (Hamilton College)

We wish to recognize brother Cushing Donelan, Gamma ‘05 (Amherst College) & Donelan Family Wines for their generous support of “Reflections: A Journal of Psi Upsilon History”, of the Speaker Series, and of the programs of Psi Upsilon.

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